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I have seen that the Price of Gas is now lower in the U.S.A. that is because right now they are using national reserves and because it is being a little subsided even if not fully on the record. i know because this made foreign Oil to tank since U.S.A is not consuming like before. this is not to last and Gad Prices could go up any time in the future. but even if they don`t. gas price cuts are not happening everywhere.

So what better than a Cheap Gas Price Widget to find the best Gas Prices?.

This Widget from automotive is of a very standard fare but counts with Clearspring Launchpad for High Spread Sharing. that means you can get it everywhere you want it (blog, social network, desktop). so save some dlls and give it a look using the “Grab it” button on the widget. the only thing is that it does includes a very jumpy Widget Ad. but aside from that it is a good widget.

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