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I like when things come a full circle. JS-KIT now has a synergy and strategic partnership deal with cocoment. the Comment Tracking service that won the first Commentosphere War against Co.ments, Commentful and other not even worth of a mention. Great deal for both but i am sure that JS-KIT was the one that had to sweeten the deal for cocoment to play ball. this deal should put JS-KIT in reach of providing services to 1 million blog as soon as before the year end. this cocoment deal is the culmination of many big deals JS-KIT had in 2008 and that now they need in order to beat no longer Disqus but Intense Debate and to a degree with Polldaddy now that both got acquired by WordPress parent company Automattic.

Key deal points:

coComment will distribute JS-Kit Comments, Ratings, & Polls
JS-Kit will transition all existing coComment publishers to it’s platform
All JS-Kit conversations will be automatically tracked by coComment (opt out available)
coComment is announcing PRO, a new service for major publishers to understand and keep track of their brands. Comment data to be supplied by JS-Kit with easy opt-in/out for publishers.
coComment distribution deal continues a series of wins for JS-Kit:

Acquisition of HaloScan, adding 500,000 sites
Distribution deal with AOL/Userplane, adding 300,000 sites
Powering eVite, JS-Kit Comments on 200 million invitations annually
Distribution deal with WorldNow, adds 19 million monthly visitors on 350 news sites

JS-KIT should still try to make the dominance a done deal if they went out and acquired SezWho. since it could still be a good way to assure that Intense Debate never get to outpace them and to take it away as a option for Disqus to level up.

On Cocoment. i hope that the money from this deal means they will be getting some new widgets. its been quite a while since they released anything.



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