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The  New MSN Toolbar Powered by Silverlight 2 should be seen as a good example in UX Widgetization and RIA Web Widgets. because it takes Web Clip Widgets beyond what you can see with IE8 Web Slices and shows how RIA Web Tech can be used to get more engaging user experiences.

This is of course relative. but there is no doubt that this Toolbar is different than any other thanks to how it is made and how it behaves when used.


A Toolbar Like this could represent a glimpse on how Widgets can get more integrated to the browser without feeling them disjointed like with Opera Widgets or limited like with the Google Toolbar Gadgets.

The MSN Toolbar should be offering its flashiness to more people soon as it is now going to be distributed by Sun Java Installs instead of the Google Toolbar. a really cool “Two Birds With One Stone” strategy since it will bring Enhanced MSN Search but also will spread Silverlight 2 around more.

MSN Toolbar (IE Only)

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