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November 26th, 2008 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

Viagrathunder was kind enough to leave a really informative comment about Viagra on our post about Userplane and their web2.0 message boards.

Thank you Viagrathunder for that one!
It really helps us understand Userplane better…especially the “tidbits” part.

In spite of the presence of anti-impotency medicines in the market such as Cialis and Levitra, Viagra, the medication to treat erectile dysfunction, has remained the undisputed leader in the pharmaceutical market on account of its effectiveness in treating the male sexual disorder. Details on Viagra mechanism, Viagra benefits, viagra side-effects et al are present at http://www.viagrathunder.com/ and further it would be helpful for you to start off your erectile dysfunction treatment effectively if you have a first hand account on the significant tidbits associated with Viagra.

Gotta love spammers!

p.s. You won’t find the comment on the Userplane post…I did not approve it. (go figure)


  1. Matt says:

    Woohoo! Go Viagrathunder! :p

  2. gr8inferno says:

    I always ask them if they have any sample. lol

  3. Avatar says:

    i guess you got riled up today on spam uh?

  4. @Avatar: I was shocked to find something other than mindless gibberish and hundreds of links. Is this where spam is leading?…or where its already been and returning to?

  5. Avatar says:

    @Derek Anderson: it is worse. you have not seen the new bleeding edge in spam.

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