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November 24th, 2008


I have seen that the Price of Gas is now lower in the U.S.A. that is because right now they are using national reserves and because it is being a little subsided even if not fully on the record. i know because this made foreign Oil to tank since U.S.A is not consuming like before. this is not to last and Gad Prices could go up any time in the future. but even if they don`t. gas price cuts are not happening everywhere.

So what better than a Cheap Gas Price Widget to find the best Gas Prices?.

This Widget from automotive is of a very standard fare but counts with Clearspring Launchpad for High Spread Sharing. that means you can get it everywhere you want it (blog, social network, desktop). so save some dlls and give it a look using the “Grab it” button on the widget. the only thing is that it does includes a very jumpy Widget Ad. but aside from that it is a good widget.

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The Race For YouTube Monetization By Copying Hulu

November 24th, 2008


You read that right. i said it.  it has been already reported that in one year from now Hulu Will Match YouTube Revenue. the difference is that Hulu is already making a profit and YouTube is only Recouping Costs and Trying to be profitable. i called it over a month ago and i call it again. there is a certain urge and almost desperation of Google to recoup the cost of YouTube and be able to make a Profit next year and the recent movements are clear show of this because they are adding features to stay current but they are also adding advertising that matches and tries to leapfrog what Hulu has been doing so far. i am glad because this finally means that YouTube will be as portable as possible within any YouTube Embed Video.

YouTube Embed Search


You would think that the Search Engine goliath would had been able to beat Hulu to this but no. Hulu has search in its Embeds from almost 5 months ago.

YouTube Embed Advertising

Pre, Mid and Post Roll is not enough and you need to pretty much harass the Gen X and Gen Y these days so now you will be able to enjoy of better overlay Widget Advertising. and all of this along the Ads in YouTube pages is now finally fully AdSense Powered. so you know they are being serious.


As i said before. YouTube is Google biggest money hole and Google hates it. right now YouTube is a 2 billion dlls hole that needs to be filled up as soon as possible. For example YouTube biggest acquisition. aQuantive will be fully paid up and raking money by the end of 2009. YouTube will not see True Black numbers until 2010 unless Google pulls up something miraculous.  it is funny how Web 2.0  poster properties like Twitter and YouTube are only profitable for Third Parties and a burden to who developed them because they have become integral to the modern web.

And people said Mark Cuban was totally wrong when he said that Hulu should be able to beat YouTube by 2009. now the projections back him up. i guess that is why he is a billionaire right?.

The YouTube Feature i want the most is that YouTube can indeed be portable and gains full controls and menu browsing while on full screen. that would be a bigger deal than their insane dwellings of thinking in HD quality video that will surely burn money faster than a California fire outbreak (low pun, i know).

OpenSocial: One Year Of Limited Success

November 24th, 2008

OpenSocial it is now over a year old and in perspective it is clear that it has not evolved as fast as it should have. and yes i am still having its achievements in consideration:

Since launch, the platform has been deployed by over 7,500 developers and reaches a staggering number of users, with 315 million application installs across social networks including MySpace, Orkut, Bebo, and Hi5 and a total reach of 600 million users. MySpace alone has over 135 million application installs, 40 million users and 4600 applications available in its directory.

But the truth is that for A platform that is both for Social Apps and Widgets and that got multiple Social Network Partners and the backup of Google. it didn`t raise Developer Fire as the Facebook App Platform did when it launched and during the year it enjoyed maximum relevance. Another proof of it is that it didn`t reached out version 1.0 in its first year and it will not manage to reach that milestone in 2008.  The Facebook Platform is now no longer as important as it was 6 months ago but OpenSocial does continues to serve a good goal and purpose. that is to allow for developers to not put all their hopes in one single social network and be able to deploy their Social Apps and Widgets to many without a lot of effort.

The Social Network Landscape is now transforming and bleeding out of being containable. it is now reaching out to the Common web via Data Sharing API`s and Contact Sharing API`s. something that also will not manage to see the proper light in 2008 but that will be the other half of Social Network Platforms like OpenSocial for 2009.


But one has to wonder what would have happened if OpenSocial didn`t existed at all and its more than not agreed that its existence was a better scenario and that it`s opposing to Facebook allowed to Tangent development to take center stage wish Social Graph API`s now being the next big thing. 

I still wish i could have many examples of great OpenSocial Widgets and OpenSocial Apps but what i can come up could be counted with one hand and that is why i insist that OpenSocial Didn`t got to be as good as it should have been.

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Windows Media Center SideShow Gadgets

November 24th, 2008

Media Center Gadgets (32-bit version)               tmp26B4

You got a Windows Mobile Device?. good. now if you get the SideShow for Windows Mobile Developer Preview you can get SideShow Gadgets. and if you are using Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate you may want to take advantage of having Windows Media Center with the Media Center Sideshow Gadgets Package. You get Four Media Center SideShow Gadgets (TV, Music, Pictures and Video and Now Playing)  and they do as stated in this Quote:

“For instance, you can use the TV gadget to browse the program guide, schedule recordings, and browse and play back recorded TV shows. With the Music gadget you can browse and play music. Use the Pictures and Video gadget to browse pictures on your device and play slideshows and video. The Now Playing gadget provides information on what is playing in Media Center and provides playback controls like those on your Media Center remote.”


Windows Media Center SideShow Gadgets (32 Bits)

Windows Media Center SideShow Gadgets (64 Bits)

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