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Happy New Year From Widgets Lab

December 31st, 2008


2008 was a year full of changes for everyone. when it comes to this blog. the changes were a blur. things in terms of widgets are changing of focus completely and widgets are now everywhere in a amazing variety of forms. 

Many things didn`t went as expected but overall. the experiences continue to be good and i am happy that the blog continues to grow and thrive. i wish those in the Widget Market a Happy New Year. a year where things can grow even further what they already have. but a Happy New Year to all in general for reading the blog and that next year comes to be a not a good year. but a great year for all.


2008 predictions and 2009 predictions

December 31st, 2008

A year goes by and it is time to revise how well the predctions from the previous year went. i will only give a rundown since it would take a awhile to truly analyze them.

For 2008

  1. Truly powerful and useful widgets thanks to Flex and Silverlight
  2.  More blurring of the lines thanks to new hybrid widgets getting into the desktops thanks to the very same plugins.
  3. Widget as mobile apps getting noticed and used broadly
  4. Modular widgets implementations getting inside all kind of web services
  5. Widget support in E-mail
  6. Feedsync derived Widgets
  7. Google and Yahoo caving in and finally giving direct support for Windows Vista Sidebar
  8. Web to Vista sidebar and OS X dashboard in one click from all major distribuitors
  9. a war of universal widget platforms
  10. widgets getting into appliances, from frames to kitchen boards.

The Results:

  1. it got halfway to be true. but it is happening in a very slow fashion.
  2. also happening but given JavaFX delay, that pretty much no one to advantage of Flash and Flex OS layering techniques and that Silverlight 2 is still not mature enough. it is not happening directly from the browser.but in terms of AIR, Titanium and SSB`s like Fluid, Bubbles and special projects like Moolight Desklets and Desklighter. i would say i got it right.
  3.  Totally.  this is something the Apple pretty much archived with both some of the native apps and the web apps you can use in the iPhone and Ipod Touch
  4. Yes.  not broadly. but happening. 
  5. Yes!. i got it totally right. just not in the way i expected. gmail got widgets, the new AOL mail two versions got widget or widgetization. the new hotmail got widget modules and Yahoo is also rolling widgetization for its e-mail.  i could say it did happened.
  6. Demoed as part of the Live FX framework. but we cannot access them yet. so. pretty much not yet.
  7. Blatant NO. this one i blew it completely. i am actually really surprised it didn`t happen.  
  8. Yes. High Spread Sharing modules gave me that one right. gigya, clearspring, springwidgets,etc now export widget from the web to the OS started with a click.
  9. It happened. not as heated and fast paced as needed but it happened with OpenSocial, FBL, Netvibes, Social Network specific, mobile widgets, etc. just that it pretty much created a standar of action and the platforms have been able to live with each other all right so far. 
  10. YES!. they are now indeed in appliances from photo frames, to kitchen boards to things like the chumby.

Overall. i would say it went very well for me. i got 6 solid yes. 3 half into a yes but that should be considered a tie, and 1 solid no.

Not bad at all.

Now For 2009

  1. consolidation of powerful and useful widgets thanks to Flex, JavaFX and Silverlight
  2.  Lines get fully blurred from the desktop to the browser because of Os Layering, Widget-App Engines and SSB clients. 
  3. Consolidation of Widget-apps in mobiles thanks to mobile RIA platforms. that are exactly the same ones dominating the desktop 
  4. Widgetization in pretty much all online service
  5. Live FX Framework Widgets now out and showing a new game for Widgets and Widget-apps
  6. Google and Yahoo caving in and finally giving direct support for Windows Vista Sidebar
  7. Widgets get into a Socialization Frenzy
  8. Widgets get into a Federated Identity Connector Frenzy
  9. Widgets turn heavy into branding and entertainment. a blur of Widget Utilities and Widget Advertising starts to happen. a small backlash to follow thanks to that and the ties of widgets with Identity and Sociality
  10. Widgets hit big money as engagement, branding and code portability gain the spotlight

I pretty much retooled some of 2008 and added some new ones given what happened in the last 4 months of 2008. lets see if i can get beyond the not so bad 75% of accuracy i had this year..

Join Us At The Widgets Lab Group In MyBlogLog

December 31st, 2008

While Yahoo has dropped the ball in pretty much all that is important during 2008. they still manage to have a lot of cool services and developments. 

One of those is MyBlogLog. a service that continues to be good. even with the arrival of the competition it will have to live with next year. but before we get to think in that. how about if you join us at the Widgets Lab Group in MyBlogLog?.

It now has over 500 members and it is a good way for me to track those who read the blog in a more personal way. s0. if you got a yahoo account or MyBlogLog account. join in to our group.

mybloglog at 500

Widgets Lab Blog Community

Hulu Powered Splashcast Embeddable Content Channels

December 30th, 2008


Some weeks ago, Splashcast announced that they would be building special Splashcast Embeddable channels with Hulu Content. a lot of these channels went live right with the announcement. but they have been evolving since then. that is the greatest point for those Widget Channels. they evolve.


Many wondered the why of a Splashcast partnership since Hulu already has some really good Widgets. the reason is Facebook and General Spread.  the best positioned space for Splashcast is still Facebook and the fact it uses Gigya Wildfire for its High Spread Sharing. this gives Hulu extra lanes to distribute Hulu influence and in the case of Splashcast. it gets them not only a great gig but also better brand visibility. the same that should result in more white list gigs.

And while Splashcast also highlights MySpace as one of the main ways to use the widget. Hulu already got its bases covered there. so Facebook + Else is the biggest win for Hulu.

I think that should make it clear enough why it is a win-win for both. but from the user side. it is also a good choice since you can expect a quality widget and you can expect be able to take the widget without any effort to pretty much all of the relevant online destination thanks to gigya.

I like Splashcast Widget Channels. but i really wish if they were more customizable and offered lite versions of them. but as a fully featured media widget. it does the job and it does it well.

SplashCast Widget Channels

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