MySpace Primetime: Hulu As MySpace Exclusive Social Network Widget

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Hulu got a great momentum and it being first on primetime video programming make it a shoe in to be close to unreachable to other trying to follow its footsteps. in the same way that nothing is going to catch up to YouTube being the #1 source for online video in general.

One of the partners in the creation and operation of  Hulu is Media Corp, MySpace owner. so it is a no brainer for MySpace to give out Hulu a extra hand to become truly commonplace by exposing it to its 200 million userbase via it`s App Platform with MySpace Primetime. a Social Network Hulu Media Widget for MySpace.


This allows any MySpace user to put Hulu Content in their Profile page. the widget is very robust and works exactly as a hulu mini-site or Hulu in Widget form. My complains about it is the design and form factor of the widget.

I hope this is just a trail of MySpace Primetime and not its final form. it needs to evolve with a more pleasant design and it also needs more versions of the widget to make it easier to integrate without it taking too much space.  add some better customization and you have something really special just like Hulu own Video Badge Widgets.

MySpace Primetime

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