Elf Yourself Videos Now Shareable And Embeddable

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Xmas is not only the time for sharing with the family. but it is also the time for you to share Elf Yourself dance video clips with the faces of people you know around. last time you could not do that very effectively. but widgets have come a long way in one year and now you can do so with ease.

Just go to Elf Yourself. create a account and then make your Elf videos. once you have them done you will be presented with the options to share the video or to embed the video thanks to a gigya wildfire High Spread Sharing module.

So you will finally be able to annoy or poke people around with your ElfYourself videos pretty much everywhere without they being able to escape from it. perfect for xmas right?. right.


Elf Yourself


  1. john says:

    The embed is very screwed up because my mom embeded her video on her blog and it was two guys in underwear, NOT her. Now the family has seen this and it was a pretty disgusting video. Seems she wasn’t the only one with a problem and the site has taken down the embedding option.

  2. Avatar says:

    uh-oh. well that is certainly not good. but they should have it running well in no time i guess.

  3. Jems says:

    um.. yeah well, the site isnt working :s and itsnt letting me get into ‘Elf Yourself’ so its a bit anoying because i wanted to make my own elf yourself thing to make me and my friends laugh..
    (N) bit sad that its not working babes!

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