Color Picker Windows Desktop Gadget

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This is a Windows Desktop Gadget for XP,Vista and Windows 7 in 32 bits that can be used to easily save and access previously saved color palettes while working in any kind of web design development. the gadget comes from Microsoft Live Labs so it can be considered not only Official but ready to use for anyone.

Many different programs use RGB color hex codes. While some programs have color management, sometimes you’ll need to use a palette across many programs like Expression Blend, Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML/CSS, and Flash.  This handy sidebar gadget keeps your palettes at your fingertips, letting you quickly sample each hex code to your clipboard, so you can easily use your colors across all applications


You can also search for your or other color palettes on COLOURlovers directly from the gadget as little plus.

You can download it from the Windows Live Gallery:

Color Palettes Windows Desktop Gadget

via Microsoft Live Labs

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