How To Run Flash Dependent Windows Gadgets On 64 Bits Vista

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One of the only Drags of running Windows Vista 64 bits is having to tweak things to be compatible. this is something that we should see go away in 2009 because of SP2 and because Adobe is finally  set to launch a 64 bits version of its Flash Plugin sometime next year. but if there are flash dependent windows gadgets right now. that you want to run in your 64 bits Vista. there is a “simple” workaround to it:

1.- In the System Tray right-click on the Sidebar icon and select Properties
2.- Uncheck the "Start Sidebar when Windows starts" option
3.- Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Sidebar
4.- Drag and hold Sidebar.exe over the start orb
5.- Then drag and hold it over All Programs
6.- And again (drag and hold) over startup
7.- Now drop it into startup

That is it. now they should run properly without a hitch.

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