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FEwidgets:Widgetize Your Windows Mobile Phone Today Screen

January 20th, 2009


With the release of the Omnia. many Windows Mobile Users are having a widget envy. but don`t feel it as strong enough for them to motivate them to buy a omnia either. so what to do?. how about being brave and installing the widgets yourself?. this is possible thanks to a project called FEwidgets.

This project got out of the now quite legendary Xda-Developers community forum where you can find the best Windows Mobile Hackers and part time developers around.

FEwidgets is a project that got initiated by Nicodega and since then it has been extended and supported by many other Xda-Developers and now counts with themes for the application but what is more important a growing library of widgets.if it looks like out of the omnia. that is no coicidence. there is even a theme to fully imitate the TouchWIZ widget sidebar.



You can now find over 20 widgets for the application and you can count many features too as you can see from this Quote out of the project page:

– Haptic feedback. When clicking on widget buttons you’ll feel a small vibration.
– Can be run as a Today Plugin. (It must be the only one selected)
– Multiple Layouts/Pages support (up to 4).
– Support for Landscape/Portrait modes.
– Extensible/Open architecture. Anyone can create it’s own widgets just using flash. If you need something “special” and know some C#, you can extend available commands through a custom assembly.

Implemented Widgets:
– RSS Feed Reader New!
– Comming appointments
– Tasks
– Contact widget
– Date widget
– Battery/Phone signal Strength indicator.
– S2P Player control.
– Analog Clock
– Diamond like Clock
– Background Image Changer
– Bluetooth State (Can turn on/off)
– Wi-Fi State (Can turn on/off)
– Quick Dial.
– Layout swapper.
– Locker (locks widget dragging)
– Calendar (when tapped will link to \Windows\Calendar.lnk)
– Shortcuts Widget. This widget allows creating shortcuts to exe/lnk files. You can drop the widget as many times as you want.
– Missed Calls. Shows the number of missed calls. When double tapped will take you to the missed calls log.
– “Profile” changer. Lets you switch between On/Vibrate/Off modes.
– Weather. Shows you the weather for today. Current temperature and forecasted Min/Max for today.
– SMS information. Once you drop this widget once, if you remove it, it’ll spawn automatically the next time you have an SMS message on the same possition you had placed it.

Quite a great project indeed. you can also develop widgets that can work with the application if you know your way around flash. but anyone can use it because everything is free of charge. the only cost is a little time for you to set it up. FEwidgets can be used in Windows Mobile 5,6 and 6.1 pro. so that means around a 100 different phones are ready to go to try this out.

For more instructions and download links. you can check out the Project Page at Xda-Developers.


via WMpoweruser (they also got a video of it in action) Make Any File or URL a Widget

January 20th, 2009

tmp1668 is a service to make any Document, Image, Text and URL into a widget. and not only a widget. but a flash widget capable of letting you see it in full screen.

If you put in a URL. it will give you a snapshot of all of what it can get to capture of your page at the time the widget loads.


You then can zoom in to real size or more and even use the widget in full screen.


if you load up a file. you then get a Document Viewer Widget alike to one by Docstoc or Scribd


As a online document viewer widget and online document converter, i find it capable and good thanks to the fact it has full screen support. but if you are interested in Online Documents and Digital Documents. you are well better off with Issuu, Scribd and Docstoc. but as a Website Snapshot service it comes off as a great and simple service to use because it assigns you a widget landing page and it is not just the simple screenshot of a at a time browser area but the full website and because it can be viewed in detail inside a widget. not much more you could want on that respect.

I still find the lack of any High Spread Sharing support and Customization disappointing because it would have elevated the service up a notch from Good to Great overall. 

If you are hesitant to try this service because of your personal data. don`t fret. the service uses Delegated Identity Services. so you can choose from Open ID, AOL and Google to use the service. it also don`t has a eminent risk of going away overnight because this tool is supported around another services called BackBoard. this service is offered to you when you have your first Document turn into a widget. the service is a Digital Document Collaboration Service based around Feedback (document commenting) that could be compared to Office Live Workspaces.

Star Trek Movie Official Widget

January 20th, 2009


Even considering i am not a Star Trek fan by any means. i can say that the Star Trek Movie Official Widget is one of the best promo widgets i have seen so far..

From the fact the widget has it`s own page. the information for the widget is explained timely and in a simple fashion. it focus on showing that you can share the widget and to which services.


That is only about the Widget page. the widget is even better. you can play the trailers, check photo galleries, check downloadable content, skin your widget with your favorite Star Trek character. pretty much everything you could want in a promo widget that is also well designed and thought from the navigation to its design.

But another thing i found great is that it also lets you watch the widget content in full screen without all ever leaving the widget. as i also mentioned it got great pride in showing where you share the widget

And the in-widget High Spread Sharing module is everything you would ever want. it don`t says who made this widget. but to whoever that did it. my hats off to you. this is how promo widgets should always be.


Mooncake Viewer: DeepZoom Enabled Silverlight Photo Album Widget Generator

January 20th, 2009


Mooncake Viewer is a very special photo album widget generator. it can generate DeepZoom Enabled Silverlight Widgets like PhotoZoom with several differences:

I.-You don`t have to upload a thing

Because it can do it from a online Photostream. either from Flickr or SmugMug.

II.-You can choose the Photos you want in the Widget right from a online photo service

It don`t add the whole Photostream or the latest photos. you get to choose what photos you want in the Photo Album Widget

II.-You get a way more featured and better designed Photo Album Widget

forget about the classic Deepzoom Wall configuration. Mooncake can generate that effect and 3 more to play with within the widget. you can filter the picture to show from a tag filter and you can jump from widget to full screen with the known silverlight ease.

Now. the only thing you need to do is to go to the Mooncake Viewer Website and do the following:

1.-Choose your Account Name and Photo Service


Choose the service you have a account with and then enter your username. you can also use anyone else username. so if you have know the username of a photographer you like or from a friend. you can also put that one in. Mooncake Viewer does not ask you for any other credentials.

2.-Select which photos from your Photostream you want to use in your Mooncake Viewer


In this case i entered Thomas Hawk photostream and selected some photos at random. be aware that the number of photos you select will affect the time you will have to wait in order for them to be converted in DeepZoom enabled images that are going to be used in the Silverlight Widget

3.- Review the Photos you choose and confirm for conversion


As i said before.the number of photos you choose. will determine how long will you wait. you cannot edit your widget after you have confirmed for selection without starting everything from zero. so choose with conviction

4.-Have patience while you wait


After confirming you photo choices. you only will have to wait for your widget to be finally rendered. this can take a while depending on your selection. while the page don`t states how long it takes. i measured the time with several and tries and i estimate it can take from 10 to 20 seconds per pciture. so if you choose 10 pictures. you Mooncake Viewer should take at least two and a half minutes or up to five minutes depending how busy the server is.

5.-Check out your Widget and copy your widget code.


It is worth the wait since it is a free service, the widget rocks and because you can just do something else in other tabs while the task is done. you don`t have to worry for the widget page to time out. just don`t forget to get the code before closing that tab because you don`t get a landing page for the widget you can track.

The only thing i would like the widget to have is a option to choose the size of the widget, that it could have a different form factor. other than that. it is of the best you can get when it comes to Photo Album Widgets.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Mooncake Viewer

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