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I have posted about many many Twitter Active Badge Generators before. but not many Twitter “Follow Me” Badge Generators. so Twitter Buttons just fits the bill perfectly to fill out that void. it is actually wrong of me to call it a Generator since the only thing it “generates” is the html code for the Badges one you enter your Twitter Username into the page.


Once you have set your username you are ready to go. you have the copy and paste code for whatever badge you choose from at the moment 50 different ones. they have several styles just like the ones i put here as example:



So check them out and see if anyone of those catches your fancy.



  1. Kelly says:

    Hey, I’ve been looking for these things. I like the ones you have here. Thanks!

  2. Avatar says:

    My Pleasure Kelly.

  3. Krisditya says:

    Many articles about twitter, this article is interesting for me to immediately install.


  4. Avatar says:

    @krisditya: Glad you liked.

  5. Ed Coyne says:

    Why am I not able to fill in my twitter name?

  6. Barry S says:

    Very cool! Nice job!!!

  7. Chema says:

    Hi, I just develop this tool, maybe is useful:

  8. If you have twitter account and would like to add more followers, you should embed the follow me button to your blog.

  9. louie jerome says:

    These look good and they are functional. What more could I want. Thanks.

  10. Topsy says:

    Thanks for those gadgets, they are great ones and i am gonna add one to my site.

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