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One of the first things that were showed back in Mix08 was the Hard Rock Memorabilia site that is a big wall of Musicians Memorabilia DeepZoom enabled and powered by Silverlight. back then Silverlight 2 was just a Beta and the site was a little rough. but it appears that they had quite a update when Silverlight 2 was officially released. now the site works marvelously cross browser and cross platform. but so does the widgets.


Yes. that is right. now can have a widget out of the memorabilia of the artist you like if that is your desire. for example i will embed  Buddy Holly Glasses here in order to demo how does that looks.

The Memorabilia Widgets can only contain a item at a time and there is no size customization (you would have to set that by hand in the code). that is a shame. i truly wish you could share by artist too and had more customization choices.. but at least the widgets work very well and they look nice. they are also a must if you like the DeepZoom effect.

To get the widgets. just visit the Hard Rock memorabilia site and click to zoom in to a individual object to see the share option.

Hard Rock Memorabilia

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