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Seadragon Ajax: DeepZoom Enabled Javascript Photo Widgets

January 20th, 2009


Seadragon is the Codename for the technology known as DeepZoom in Silverlight. but it now has gone beyond that by extending to Mobiles starting with the iPhone. and also to the Web sans Silverlight as Seadragon Ajax.


So. if you are somehow worried that someone will not be able to see what you are posting because it is in Silverlight or if you want to be able to embed  photos that can be zoomed in without any transitions for the user or without even having to activate a lightbox. you can count on Seadragon Ajax for that.

You only have to have DeepZoom Composer installed in your Computer OR be a PhotoZoom user. then you can simply use the Seadragon Embed builder and Follow the instructions in order to build your Seadragon Ajax enabled photo widget.


Quite simple really. once you click the “build embed” button. you will have your embed in less than 30 seconds and you will be ready to go as it gives you the embed code.

As example. i will embed The Contoso Fixter photo that is truly a testament of how well the Ajax version of Seadragon works:

You can check out a Seadragon Ajax Gallery with other nice examples too if you want.

Seadragon Ajax

Seadragon Ajax Embed Builder

Hard Rock DeepZoom Silverlight Widgets

January 20th, 2009


One of the first things that were showed back in Mix08 was the Hard Rock Memorabilia site that is a big wall of Musicians Memorabilia DeepZoom enabled and powered by Silverlight. back then Silverlight 2 was just a Beta and the site was a little rough. but it appears that they had quite a update when Silverlight 2 was officially released. now the site works marvelously cross browser and cross platform. but so does the widgets.


Yes. that is right. now can have a widget out of the memorabilia of the artist you like if that is your desire. for example i will embed  Buddy Holly Glasses here in order to demo how does that looks.

The Memorabilia Widgets can only contain a item at a time and there is no size customization (you would have to set that by hand in the code). that is a shame. i truly wish you could share by artist too and had more customization choices.. but at least the widgets work very well and they look nice. they are also a must if you like the DeepZoom effect.

To get the widgets. just visit the Hard Rock memorabilia site and click to zoom in to a individual object to see the share option.

Hard Rock Memorabilia

PhotoZoom: Silverlight DeepZoom Enabled Photo Albums Widgets

January 15th, 2009


One of the intrinsically positioned technologies that caught notoriety thanks to the introduction of Silverlight was without a doubt Seadragon. also known as DeepZoom that its the technology Operative name. If you are in Windows you can easily create DeepZoom enabled photo albums powered by Silverlight thanks to DeepZoom Composer. but if you are in other operative system or you have a old machine. you are not going to be able to use it from your desktop. that is when PhotoZoom enters to save the day and more.

What is DeepZoom?

But if you are still wondering what exactly is DeepZoom, then let me enlighten you fast on that. it is a technology that allows you to zoom into photos as much as you want or as much as your picture resolution allows you to. that is without worrying about the size of the picture getting in the way since you only load by section. it is a lot alike Live Maps when you zoom into a map and this one starts rendering things closer. but in this case it is rendering a section of the very same photo in layers. it is also helpful because you can then have a collage of pictures put into the same frame and then just zoom in and view the pictures as you see fit. in the order you want. as close as you want without ever having to transition elsewhere. those are the main principles of DeepZoom

What is PhotoZoom?

PhotoZoom is a Microsoft Live Labs project that allows you to the same you can do with DeepZoom Composer on your desktop but online. it also lets you keep up your Photos online in a service that precedes the new Windows Live Photos service. you can upload you photos and put them in albums that can be seen as DeepZoom Enabled Silverlight powered objects or as Photo Channels where you can also select to see the photos individually if you don`t want to see them powered by Silverlight.

Interested?.here is what you have to do?

1.-Load up the PhotoZoom page at

2.-Log in with your Windows Live ID

3.-Choose your Photo Zoom Name

4.-Create a Album Name

5.-Load up your photos


You can import from you computer or you can even import from a RSS feed in another  Online Photo Service. you could for example use your photoblog  feed or even a AlbumPhoto feed from Windows Live Photos. once you have added a feed or uploaded the pictures you want from your PC. just click import.

6.-Check out your PhotoZoom Album


For the sake of a good How-To and Review. i am going to use this nice album from my online buddy YungSang with a selection of Squirrel species.


You should be able to note i zoomed in as it is running with Silverlight and its DeepZoom enabled. a good thing to note is the part where it reads that you can “View Individual Photos”. just as i had told you. your photos are not trapped inside a Silverlight object. you can also see them as a group or individually if you want. that means you also get to share them that way. the only warning i must make is that PhotoZoom pcitures are meant to be public. so just have that in mind.

7.-Share it, Embed it

You can share your PhotoZoom Albums by Mail or also by embedding them into your blog, website or Social Network profile (if allowed)

Here it is a active version of the PhotoZoom Album as a Widget. so you can check it out. you can have it at whatever size you want by modifying the embed code. but you don`t need to resize it from the default size, because it can easily jump to full screen without any effort. this thanks to Silverlight. since this is a Live Labs project. it should be seen and reviewed as such. so i am only concentrating on what it already is. and i must say it is really good for having simple to use photo albums and photo album widgets.

Give a try.


iLike playlist via Friend Connect

January 15th, 2009

Google Friend Connect is Google’s beginnings of a social infrastructure. Instead of a central location like Myspace or Facebook, Friend connect is spread to the far reaches of the net. In December, it opened to all Websites. That means that anyone with a Google, Yahoo, AIM, or OpenID username and password can sign in on any blog or site hosting a Friend Connect widget.

Friend Connect is also open to developers with the desire to design and build apps that integrate with Friend Connect.

Today, iLike (social music discovery service) announced a “social playlist” gadget utilizing the power of Google Friend Connect.

As the leader in social music discovery, we have used Google’s Friend Connect service to build a “social playlist” gadget, which launched today. This new feature empowers any Web site owner to add a playlist to his/her site. The social hook is that visitors to a participating Web site can “log in” (via Friend Connect) to edit these dynamic playlists by adding or deleting songs.

read entire iLike announcement.

Music has been a central theme in the social sphere since day one. People tend to adopt music related services rather quickly and I don’t think this will be any different. I do hope that the “Audio Police” leave this one alone…but if the recent news about “muting” copyrighted content on YouTube is any indication of future action, can we expect similar issues when the iLike gadget appears on 1 million blogs?

update: Upon further inspection I have noticed that the music is streamed through Rhapsody and they impose a “25 play” limit on non subscribers. (not sure if this is per song or plays per widget) This cripples the reach of this widget dramatically!

Look at the sidebar bottom for the iLike “Social Playlist” gadget widget

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