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I don`t know how this passed me up but it must be more than 30 days or so old because i have not seen it mentioned in no one of the big blogs. i guess that we are so used to Widgets made from the Twitter API that we no longer look directly from the source.

But fortunately i stumbled with it on a blog and saw that it was a Official Twitter Widget in Flash. and not only that but that it was interactive!. you can check it out live right in this post.

This widget is the equivalent to a Web To IM Widget but for Twitter. so that would be Web to Tweet. that means your visitors can reply to your tweets directly from the Twitter Widget. that is really cool i am just surprised you are unable to update your own status from the Widget too while you are at it..tmp37  tmp35

The design is sound, you count with the info of the Twitter user if you are logged in and it allow you to follow the user right from the widget too.

But it is certainly one of the best Twitter Flash Widgets  around and it is a good thing it is a Official one.

tmp33     tmp34

You can get it in 3 sizes and 3 colors. you don`t have much help in terms of quick install link or high spread sharing for this Widget. the implementation of that leaves a lot to be desired, Twitter has not really promoted it and it is little bit heavy. but even then it is a great widget. now we only need some more themes or color customization  for it and the option to tweet from it and  we are all set. it would be the best widget around. right now it is just pretty close to being so.

Official Twitter Flash Widget


  1. ScoobySnacks says:

    i need help installing this into the Mandigo theme for WordPress. i really suck at coding. i started a thread at the WP forums. i’d really appreciate if anyone could help 🙂

  2. Brandon says:

    upgraded to Flash 10 with Firefox and the twitter widget stopped working…. any ideas??

  3. Avatar says:

    it should work. i see it fine.

  4. Clara says:

    I noticed the same thing as Brandon. The official Twitter widget says that it requires Flash 9. It doesn’t work with Flash 10 in either Firefox or IE.

    Has anyone found a solution for this?

  5. Avatar says:

    Not true. it works perfectly fine with IE, Firefox and even Chrome, Iron and Opera. i mean i have 3 windows OSes here and portable ubuntu for windows and it works fine in them among all browsers in windows and in ubuntu firefox. so unless you are in the mac, i really don;t have a clue of the issue.

  6. Fritz says:

    I think it just takes a long time to load sometimes.

  7. hey..the big black box at the top is that your live widget and is it not working? my widget on our home page is not showing up do you know if this is a bug or overload on the system?
    love your blog btw…thanks for the great and useful resource.

  8. Viki says:

    Installed flash widget and when I try to log in from widget to reply receive message “Requires GET”

    I am on ning.

  9. Arjun says:

    This is cool

  10. Craig says:

    The flash widget was working fine, but now it has stopped working from at least more than a week. It’s not working on my website and it’s not working on yours here either.

  11. It doesn’t seem to be working at Twitter HQ either. It appears that they broke it somehow…and aren’t yet aware of it.

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