Snippage: A Web Clip Widget Engine For Your Desktop

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With the advantage of a almost ever present online connection. having fully internet dependent widgets. and the very specific kind that fits the bill the best are web clip widgets. they are now a integral part of browser because of IE8 web slices and even the latest Google Toolbar.

Snippage is a web clip widget engine for your desktop. you can put as many web clips as your screen real state can bear. this way you obtain the content out from the sites you usually visit. that is sometimes more reassuring that some feed widgets that can have as much as a hour of delay and need to reformat the content..

Snippage is a AIR app and that means it can be stream installed and updated. without a hitch. those familar with .NET or .NET/WPF Click Once should be familiar with that concept very well. i usually don’t post on AIR apps but this is a very apt example to be here.


in order to get your Web Clip Widget engine. you get a very good snipping tool for the job with a web browser.  the only short coming with it is that it cannot render AJAX, JAVA, Silverlight content making it[is use a little bit limited/ but the tool and the execution of snippage is really good. it is clever and well designed. it also has a nice plus that is the fact it don’t consumes too much resources.

The only thing it needs is a better render engine to be excellent. the only things it needs to do is to tune performance even more and get a better design and desktop integration since  windows resizing for the browser and snipping tool could be better.

But if you like web clip widgets this is the App to get and i can recommend it.



  1. eleni says:

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  2. Raju says:

    This is really useful, but only problem with most of the Adobe Air based widgets is that they hog memory, hope its not the case with this

  3. Avatar says:

    In my testing of it in both xp and vista i found it to be good enough. otherwise i would not have written about it..

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