Dijit: Create Your Promo Widgets, Have Them For Free

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Dijit is a free promo widget creation service that used a visual widget designer/creator. if you are suddenly thinking “Like Sprout?” is because it is exactly that. you create your promo widgets, add your media, customize it as you see fit and off you go.


The difference is that dijit is free and Sprout is no longer free. sprout was and continues to have the best Widget Editor Creator but given their unfortunately decision to no longer offer free account which is of course a mistake. but that is Dijit gain and if you wanted a Sprout alternative, Dijit is that very alternative.


I used the Widget builder and it could not be more easier and it gives out good results. as i said. don’t expect it to be a fully developed as Sprout but it does the job and i think it makes for a good replacement given the options out there.

Build Your Dijit Widget



  1. Eric says:

    Thanks for the write-up. If you have any questions regarding Dijit, or potential customer widgets you can reach me at [email protected].

  2. Avatar says:

    Ok Eric. thanks for the visit and glad you liked the write-up

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