Embedr: Aggregate A Video Player Embed From Multiple Sources

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Video Aggregators are nothing new. neither is the video player embeds that aggregate from multiple sources. but that don’t means there are many truly good. the options are scarce and having options is good to choose the ones that appeal the better good looking for you.

The idea behind embedr is to be mostly a tool to archive just that: a way to select videos from different video networks and they do a playlist with them in a single embeddable player.


The video player embed you get is a cross of the vimeo video player design that pretty much now everyone uses and a ipod like frame with a coverflow video selector so you can get a visually rich and good looking experience. i am disappointed with the widget not having a proper high spread sharing module but at least it got some social bookmarking and code presentation feature.

That is pretty much it what the service and the widget does and is. the customization options are basic but they are good for better integration. a nice widget for those that rely on placing lots of video content in their blogs.


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