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I have received some concerned enquires asking about Widgets Lab. i wanted to take a minute to answer them.

While me and Derek love Widgets Lab and it’s readers. unfortunately is not our day job and we both got quite swamped with work. in my case i got some offers of hired work among other things. this of course affected my performance. i apologize and to those dozen that sent in submissions. i did got them and they will show up here in Widgets Labs as soon as possible.

But even with our brief absence and spare input. the blog has managed to continue to grow albeit a little slower. so we thank you for it.. some of you even caught my testing of the new template and this change will happen soon in order to finally upgrade the blog  to a new look.

So the blog now will resume to a steady schedule if all goes well as well with the new blog changes.

That is all.  Thank You

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  1. Vasco says:

    Just keep up the good work… who doesn’t have a daily job! 😛 BTW: would love a review on mobile widgets (SDK’s, platforms and trends).


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