How to build a widget – Promoting the widget

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[Part 5 in a 5 part series titled “How to build a widget]

The widget is ready.  It is sitting on your website with a viral deployment scheme.  But the big question is  “How do people find out about your widget”?

5) Promoting the widget

If you happen to be Amazon and your main website is generating tens of thousands of hits a day, a simple graphic/link on your main page to your widget would be enough.  But everybody’s website does not generate thousands of page requests a day.

Widget Galleries.

I mentioned before (Part 4) that there are widget galleries.  Galleries are always a good place to promote your widget. However,  unless you have a run-away-hit, you are never going get more then 100+ widget installs from a simple Gallery site.

Get Creative.

The best way to promote you new widget (If you are not already getting thousands of hits on your own site) is to get some one who is receiving thousands of hits to install/and or write about it.

This blog, Widgets lab, writes about widgets every day.  They also get a couple thousand hits every day.   Write a nice email to Derek or Avatar explaining why your widget should be profiled, and they may just write about it. 

Other places to get your widget mentioned would be Web 2.0 tech blogs such as,,  or even a general tech blog like

These sites reach millions of users everyday and are good place to jump start your widget.  You may have to offer to do Pete Cashmore’s laundry for a week or buy CmdrTaco a Starbucks gift card, but just maybe they will give your widget a write up it deserves.

So if you made it this far in the series you are on your way to creating your own little piece on the web,  your very own widget.  Good luck.  See you on the other side.

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  1. Todd Havens says:

    Thanks for this great series, guys! I’m still pretty geeky about all things widgets…even as they share the limelight with iPhone sites and apps and other kindred souls.

    Widget distribution is, indeed, a big topic in advertising and marketing these days. On the personal side, I think galleries and widget-love from top bloggers and major tech sites are a smart and necessary choice.

    On the corporate and campaign rollout side, we created the first distribution service that allows for the seeding of widget and app campaigns across widget ad networks. Basically, a widget is seeded to people who are interested in it, and then it takes on a viral life of its own from there.

    Seeding is a necessary and inexpensive part of any serious campaign, but the viral views and engagements are free…and they have a long tail, to boot.

    Just some thoughts to share on the full widget spectrum.

    Thanks again for all your hard work.

  2. Tom says:

    Great points Todd. I am glad you enjoyed the series.

  3. Mahfuz Khan says:

    Tnx 4 ur good information abt making widgets.. I want to make a widget for my social i m nt interesting to do these lots of work…can somebody help me making a widget using my social network api…plz contact me…[email protected]

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