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February 25th, 2009 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

Update: Thanks to Kevin for commenting and helping me to understand Google Friend Connect a bit better.
Sorry for my mini rant. I guess what happened is I clicked on 5 or 6 different avatars in the widget and each one happened to be from someone that never filled out their profile. There were no links to anything other than WidgetsLab. Seeing nothing, I wrongly assumed that I needed to “Friend” them to see their info.
Are there sites where you have to become friends without seeing anything about the person beforehand?

The “Connect” seems to be missing.

google-sm.gifYes I can “invite” or “request” to be added as a “Friend” but I can’t simply click on a user’s avatar and go directly to their site. (or even a bio with a link to their site)

Now I understand the SPAM potential here…but if I discover SPAM I could simply block that “Friend” and move on. As it stands, I have no idea what each person is blogging or writing or even Stumbling about.

I have to become a “Friend” to someone I know absolutely nothing about (except what picture they chose for an avatar)

Thats it!


I want everyone to submit a pic ( a link in the comments will be perfect) of one Avatar that they are curious about, I’ll use my intuitive skills to determine what type of “friend ” this entity will be and I will publish the results right in this post!

I say that if Google wants a successful social network…they need to work on the basics and worry about integrating YouTube later.


  1. Kevin Marks says:

    Yes you can Derek – click on any icon in the friends gadget and see their profile, recent activities and sites they have joined.

    You can use a Google profile, or link one from Orkut, Plaxo, Blogger or Twitter – just click on settings in the friends gadget to change this, and to add in more potential friends.

  2. Billy says:

    I am thinking the same thing. Since adding friend connect I haven’t seen any enhancements to the social aspect of the site. I wonder if this will change in time

  3. Avatar says:

    well. i do can say that comments have gone up a little.

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