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March 12th, 2009 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

Its pretty amazing how popular Widgetslab is with the Google Friend Connect crowd.

We have just passed the “200” friend mark. (and still climbing!) Heck, less than 1 month ago we were just clearing 100. Now I realize this isn’t crazy 33 million hits a month like some other sites out there. But it is a sign of growth.


In this economic slowdown, Widgetslab provides a valuable service. 99% of what we write about are widgets that are freely available. These widgets/services add functionality and value to your web presence at an extremely affordable price…FREE!

Not only are we helping you the “consumer” of these mini apps, ads, games…etc. We are also helping to promote those that are behind these amazing bits of code. Each post is unsolicited in the respect that no one is offering to pay us to write about their widgets.
Don’t get me wrong…we receive tons of emails requesting that we check out various widgets and we usually post about those that we feel will add something useful for our readers.

You as the reader can help us out by remembering to tell your friends to stop by and check out Widgetslab. Its FREE!

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  1. Derek Anderson says:

    I do agree with you….but right now its everyone jumping on the social bandwagon.

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