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Scoble Visits WidgetBucks

March 16th, 2009


WidgetBucks, the controversial Widget Advertising company that against all odds continues to grow and polarize people received Robert Scoble not that long ago (even if in internet time it could be perceived as ancient) and he goes into a video tour with Matt Hulett, CEO of Mpire, the parent company of WidgetBucks and as TechFlash notes:

CEO Matt Hulett takes blogger Robert Scoble on a video tour of the company’s Seattle offices, with the former RealNetworks and Expedia executive describing the WidgetBucks business as a "shopping AdSense." Hulett — who explains why each employee has his or her own office — also notes that about 100 million unique users are seeing their advertising widgets each month.

The reason i post the video is because if there is a Widget Company i receive E-mail about is WidgetBucks. people asking me to never cover them, other asking for more coverage and others asking me why it is not working with them (yeah, really)

That means it should be of interest for Widgets Lab Readers to have a look at it.


Google Friend Connect and WidgetsLab

March 12th, 2009

Its pretty amazing how popular Widgetslab is with the Google Friend Connect crowd.

We have just passed the “200” friend mark. (and still climbing!) Heck, less than 1 month ago we were just clearing 100. Now I realize this isn’t crazy 33 million hits a month like some other sites out there. But it is a sign of growth.


In this economic slowdown, Widgetslab provides a valuable service. 99% of what we write about are widgets that are freely available. These widgets/services add functionality and value to your web presence at an extremely affordable price…FREE!

Not only are we helping you the “consumer” of these mini apps, ads, games…etc. We are also helping to promote those that are behind these amazing bits of code. Each post is unsolicited in the respect that no one is offering to pay us to write about their widgets.
Don’t get me wrong…we receive tons of emails requesting that we check out various widgets and we usually post about those that we feel will add something useful for our readers.

You as the reader can help us out by remembering to tell your friends to stop by and check out Widgetslab. Its FREE! releases winefinder widget

March 4th, 2009 is the best place on the Internet to search out and purchase American wines, shipped straight from the winery. Lloyd Benedict founded in 2007 and has since partnered with over 475 wineries offering more than 2,500 wine selections. in conjunction with RedPinkWhite, have chosen to utilize the power of Clearspring to create the Winefinder widget.
A very powerful tool in the creation of widgets, Clearspring will allow the rapid distribution of this widget to many, many corners of the web. You can even place it on your desktop if you desire (Yahoo! widgets)

The widget
The Winefinder widget is tasteful and functional. It is sized properly to fit in any sidebar on the net. One thing that really caught me by surprise was how fast the widget operates when clicking through the various options.
Making selections is very easy and when you are satisfied with your choices, you are delivered to the exact page where you will place your order. I have been through some widgets that have you make a few selections and then you are taken to a website where you have to make all your selections again. (FAIL)

The information in the widget is laid out intuitively. Anyone not familiar with widgets will still be able to easily use this widget to search out wines and maybe make a purchase or two.

Excellent work! A well made widget that serves a purpose and puts a smile on my face.

Here is the widget press release: Launches the AW WineFinder, World’s Largest Selection of U.S. Wines Packed Into One Tiny Widget

Walla Walla, Wash. (March 3, 2009)—, the premier destination to buy wines direct from American wineries, has launched a compact wine application, or wine widget, that is an interactive tool for online wine shoppers. The WineFinder can instantly access the vast selection of wines available to buy through directly on a desktop, website, blog, iGoogle, or social media sites such as Facebook.

The AW WineFinder is an embeddable application. Little, portable and powerful, it allows you to browse, select and purchase from more than 2,500 wines listed at – all within the confines of a box that is 160 x 300 pixels, an industry standard ad unit. This is not a static banner. The WineFinder draws on real-time data, meaning any wine listed for sale at is immediately accessible through the AW WineFinder.

The WineFinder allows shoppers to adjust parameters including winery, varietal, region, price, or ship-to state to find the exact wine they are looking for. Through it, shoppers can also explore featured wines to discover something new, and browse AmericanWinery’s selection of wine three-packs shipped for 1¢. As with’s web-based marketplace, wines selected from the WineFinder are shipped directly from the winery to your door.

AmericanWinery CEO Lloyd Benedict believes the WineFinder will be a great boon to the online wine shopping experience, making it easier to access wines you like or want to know more about.

“The WineFinder is yet another channel for our winery partners to reach wine consumers, namely Millennials and shoppers who are comfortable using applications to access information or shop online,” says Benedict. “But it also benefits our advertisers and affiliate partners because the WineFinder is a potentially powerful viral mechanism. Wherever the WineFinder goes, our wine selections and the ability to buy go right along with it.” developed the WineFinder in partnership with RedPinkWhite, a leading developer of social media applications for wine producers, retailers, and publishers.

“ is an innovator. They are finding new ways for wineries to reach customers, and they are making it more interesting for customers to find great wines,” said Kevin Thomas, COO of RedPinkWhite. “We are excited to see the WineFinder application and our RedPinkWhite platform become key parts of that innovation, helping AW extend its brand, drive traffic, and grow sales. We see this as just the beginning of a very productive partnership.”

link to the press release

Chumby As A Stream Widget Engine?

March 4th, 2009


I guess it had to happen. Chumby  is jumping from its original vessel to go into Digital Frames. jumping from that to other devices is not only not hard to believe but a natural evolution. it is also the natural evolution for widgets that went from the web into mobile devices and now are jumping into all kind of devices.

Yahoo became quite the overlord of widgets for a long time until Apple riffed them off, until Google and Microsoft started to concentrate in their own gadget strategies and other independent players started to appear everywhere. they are now trying to get head first and make the Yahoo Widget Engine turning universal and head on into devices. Samsung it now their biggest treat into that games as their also widgetizing everything as other hardware companies like Sony has already done in a minor degree. but now it is clear that when this trend picks up Microsoft will leverage the Windows Ecosystem that way as they already have a full Digital TV strategy. the same goes for Google that is already following into that with Android as their OS for all occasion. So what about the independent players?.

Chumby is the answer to that and there is even a video where you can see how it will go. one thing is certain, future tv’s, top boxes and BD players will have widgets in them if you want them and these widgets will be the easiest and most utilitarian way to bring the web to all.

via Crunchgear

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