WidSets moves into Ovi Store

April 29th, 2009 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

A bit of news from Engadget/mobile.

Seems that Widsets is moving into the OVI store.

Actually…Widsets is becoming OVI store!


Great news, WidSeteers! The WidSets service you know and love is about to evolve into Ovi Store: your one-stop global shop for widgets, mobile apps, games, videos, social content, and so much more.

This means that as of June 1, 2009, your WidSets account will no longer be available.

What is Ovi Store?

Ovi Store consolidates the best experiences from Nokia’s current content services, including WidSetsâ„¢, Download!, and MOSH into a single channel. Ovi Store content will range from widgets, applications and games to videos and podcasts for Nokia S40 and S60 devices.

Find the latest games, applications, videos, ringtones and widgets from leading brands like Disney, Paramount, MTV, Shazam, MySpace, Electronic Arts and many more. All of the content is specially selected for you and your mobile device!

Nokia is doing some consolidation of services.


  1. Kimble says:

    The Ovi Store is now live in Australia as of the 25th. If you’re curious to see what it looks like read the first impressions. http://greenerdesktop.com/465/nokias-ovi-store-first-impressions

    The biggest question is – Will it stop Apple and the iPhone?

  2. koivar says:

    Seems like they just removed and killed the whole WidSets service and just directing users to the totally crap ovi store.

    Nice job Nokia. WidSets was the only good and usable service from you. Thanks.

  3. James says:

    Too right, now i cant get the services i once had on my n95, thanks nokia, retards

  4. Karel says:

    I can’t find the same service in the OVI store as I you to have in Widsets. I’m using widsets for a few years now, and I can’t find a good alternative. OVI is not the same, even if you pay for it.

  5. Tuffe says:

    I agree with the previous comment. Why would you just kill a very nice working service with lots of time spent both from Nokia and the also user who collected the witgets he/she wanted to use. I am very disappointed.

  6. Vesa says:

    I am also shocked that Nokia buries maybe the best innovation since sliced bread. The widsets were easy to use and even to create. It was easy to check the latest news from different sources. Not cool, Nokia!

  7. Bob says:

    Widsets was one of the last hooks (with Lotus Notes sync) that kept me on Nokia. Bye bye Nokia.

  8. Michael says:

    The Widsets application was really good, well as of today it has disappeared from my 6210 Navigator. Bad move Nokia. I don’t want to use your awful Ovi Store.

    I’m not happy and when it’s time to buy my next phone I’ll remember what you just did to me.

    Nokia are of course hoping to get money out of us via the Ovi Store. In my case it won’t work.

    They won’t even be able to sell me any phones anymore unless they get their act together.

  9. Cypher says:

    Widsets was the only application I used. Now that has been taken away. I wonder what is keeping me from changing sides to iPhone? Apple at least listen to their customer base!
    The Ovi store is a big joke, and nokia Ovi support is even worse.

  10. ranvel says:

    I totally agree with every one else. The facebook application I used to be able to use with widsets wasn’t heaven, but it WORKED and it existed, now they just tell me that it no longer exists, what the hell is wrong with them?

  11. alex says:

    oh great! cancel a great free application/newsfeed to get a store where you have to pay 5.00euros for a game.

    where are the news? the blogs? the funky apps? the weather channels? this suuucks!!!
    very very dissapointed

  12. mark says:

    100% agree – what on earth are nokia thinking? widsets was mainly a RSS/newsfeed -with some apps on the side- and they have replaced it with OVI which is just apps. It would be like Microsoft saying they have replaced and upgraded Excel with a calculator!!!!

  13. trish says:

    I agree. The Ovi store is a huge disappointment. I love my Nokia phone, but Widsets really was the only app I truly enjoyed. My friends have always said I should try the Iphone…I guess now is a good time to listen to them. Very disappointed in Nokia.

  14. Marko says:

    Same…OVI store is grap with capital G !

    And I was thinking to buy even N97…but it might make sence to move to iPhone…I quess Apple is much better on keeping offered services and not just killing them after a while.

    I have been really disapointed…I used to actively (every day) follow news feeds, weather and emails easily on widsets.

    Like in Finland, you can say:
    “Saatanan tunarit!”

  15. mikko says:

    What’s really bothering me is that I have not seen anywhere any comments, explanations, apologies from Nokia. They seem to be doing their best to get rid of their most devoted customers!

    OVI is a total flop. They don’t have any widgets there (as promised), they don’t even have their own apps there (like Sports Tracker – you still need to go to Nokia Beta Labs to find it and others), no full episodes of TV series, no movies. Or, perhaps all those are there, but user interface is so bad that I just have not been able to find!

  16. DH says:

    Totally agreed. Widsets were great! All Nokia said was widsets were going to “evolve” into ovistore. I didn’t realise “evolve” meant eliminate!

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