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Trend Micro Threat Resource widget

June 30th, 2009

Here is an excellent widget for anyone writing about computers and security.

The Trend Micro “Trend Watch” Threat Resource widget.

This widget allows you to submit website URLs to see what kind of threat they might pose. The widget also displays current know threats as well as current headlines from the Trend Micro Malware blog.

This is a Clearspring based widget. That means it got a high spread module… you can put it on your website (just copy the code) and you can also put it in your Facebook profile to help keep tabs on current threats. among many other destinations.

Grab the widget at Clearspring/Trend Micro updates: adds hosting, analytics and document tools

June 29th, 2009


Back in January of this year i wrote about as a simple  but good document tool that allowed you to make a flash widget out of any url, image, text or document. not a  scribbd replacement at all. this last bit has now changed and now it offers a lot more.


Now it also counts with:

  1. Hosting (20mb per file)
  2. Advanced Privacy Settings (print, download, public options)
  3. Advanced Widget Settings (size,color, display option)
  4. Drawing Marker (Scribbling, underlining, highlighting )
  5. Analytics (obtain advanced information about the document you are sharing)

With those changes now it can really be used as a scribbd and docstoc alternative which makes it a interesting and powerful option in the digital document space.


It still lacks better document management, user profiles, better social networking options, high spread sharing and maybe prettier design. but it is free, it is useful and it is service with lots of potential.

To know more about the service read on my first post on the service.

via CNET (Josh Lowersohn)

Netvibes Now Will Recommend You Widgets

June 29th, 2009


If you are a netvibes user or have not returned in awhile to it because the choice of widgets for it overwhelm you and you don’t know what to choose. then there are good news since now Netvibes will recommend you widgets to add based on what widgets you have previously added.


A good little thing to have and maybe a boost for Netvibes user engagement. so if you are a netvibes user but have not returned lately to the site. now you know what awaits you in case you want to check it out.


via TC

Amberjack Blog Tour Overlay Widget

June 29th, 2009


Amberjack is a useful idea to replace or enhance your About page in your blog. It is meant as a way to demo important parts or important posts in your blog. while giving out a short description on why the part/post in question is important/representative of your blog.


A simple,yet versatile idea to enhance the user experience in your blog visitors.the tour is not forced and it is opt-in, so no user will be annoyed in the process. it is meant for those curious enough about your blog to call up the widget.


The Widget is skinnable and comes with 6 default skins to try out. you can make your own if you know CSS in order to get the look to your liking.


But i think the best feature is that you can even quickly add a embedded video, form or audio to your widget making it even more useful and personal.


To get the Amberjack widget for your blog or website you use a simple wizard form in the Amberjack site. no need of registration, no nothing. it is there right away for use it and get your widget code to go.

Amberjack is free and open source so you can use it and modify it to your liking without any worry. i personally like the widget idea and think anyone with a blog should try it out.


via OStatic

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