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Just like there are people that seems to love Toolbars and get enough of those, there are other who love to use sidebar for everything.  in this case a iGoogle Sidebar sound like a actually good reason to use one. if you have screen state (1400×900+) and you use Firefox as your Main Browser that is.


This is the iGoogle Gadget Sidebar and it comes as a extension for FireFox that will format your iGoogle Gadget into their small forms and in a single scrollable column in automatic form.

This results in a good way to be able to check your weather widget have your Google services at a very close reach without having to keep your iGoogle startpage in a tab all day. The iGoogle Gadget Sidebar works with most of iGoogle Gadgets and it is such a good idea that there should be a option for Iron and Chrome where it makes even more sense to offer it. would be great to have in IE8 for that matter, so if i see it elsewhere, i will post on it.

iGoogle Gadget Sidebar for Firefox

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