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Not as often as the request of coverage, are the questions about if we let Guest Posts in Exchange of Link Backs. Thinking on that, just as with Sponsored Posts. We want to offer a solution to that question.

Yes, we are OK with Guest Posts In Widgets Lab.

We already had the nice Tom Sprows series of posts in How To Build A Widget from thinking it up to deploying it. a must read by the way.

So we want you to send your Guest Posts if you got something to share that goes along with these Guidelines:

1.-Opinion Pieces

Experience in Widget Development, Marketing or Advertising?. got something interesting to say or to recall?.  write it on.

2.-How To

Got insight on developing widgets or want to share what you consider should be a good practice while doing so?. Write it on


Got a Widget Startup (even if it is a one man band) and want to share your thoughts on this niche?. Write it on.

That is what can write about. the only restriction is that we reserve the right to edit it and that it should not pass from 1000 words for any reason.

In Exchange for it we offer the following:

1.-Link Back on the Top and Bottom of the Post as it is introduced(top) and disclosed(bottom)

2.-Your Link will get into a LinkRoll to be put in the sidebar of the blog

3.-Further Coverage will be taken in consideration based on a case by case scenario (a widget we like or find interesting, etc)

If interested just write to me about it:

[email protected]


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