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I constantly get requests of coverage from pass time widget makers or new widget makers or someone who is promoting a widget. so does Derek, and since there is no way to be able to write about all of them. we wanted to offer a choice to those that want that coverage.

That brings us to Sponsored Posts.

Sponsored Posts are not posts Me or Derek are going to write but that anyone wanting to promote their widget can write themselves and these got the following guidelines:

1.- We reserve the right to deny to allow the post depending on your submission

2.-We reserve the right to edit the post if we feel is needed

3.-The Post will sport a (Sponsor) mark in the Title

4.-The Post will sport a Sponsored Disclosure Statement  (one line) at the end of the post

5.-The Post has to be at least 300 words, but should not exceed 500 words and it must have at least 1 picture of the widget and no more than 5 pictures of medium size (150x150px to 300x300px).

So, if you are interested in this ultra cheap solution and agree on the guidelines then just write me about it.

[email protected]

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