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Adgregate Markets Acquires Gydget

June 29th, 2009


I decided to add this note even if happened almost two weeks ago as a inspirational note that the widget space marches on even in this recession. i know that may sound weird since it is about a acquisition. but even then a acquisition in this economic climate is a good thing right?

So Adgregate Markets that specialize in making transaction enabled Shopping Ad Banners decided that it was a good idea to buy a Promo Widget Network like Gydget. IT IS. these will be rolled into the ShopAds they do and will result in in-widget shops and smarter ad widgets.

Gydget had been around for 2 years or so and it seems that they were losing steam as the competitions in promo widgets is quite brutal now. but this is a good ticket out and it does create a better end product, that in the end continues to be widgets. so it is all good.


Adgregate Markets

Adgregate Markets Snaps Up Widget Maker Gydget  via Techcrunch

Wikinvest Redesigns Website to become Financial Widget Startpage

June 28th, 2009


Wikinvest is a Financial Widget Startup that focuses in stock charts and financial data charts widgets that are embeddable and shared. now that is not enough to sustain growth so they issued a redesign to their website in order to be more like the financial pages from MSN, Yahoo and Google.

Many call that a hard sell. but it is not only worth a shot but actually doable as the info they provide is at the level and the widgets are really cool and you can take them to go. so if you check your stocks in the morning and want to make a blog on how bad they are sucking or gloat on them. you can add them to your posts not just as petty graphics. but fully functional stock charts.



via Techcrunch

Baby Break Dance advertisement

June 24th, 2009

Newsflash!: Widgetbox Is Still A Key Player In The Widget Space

June 22nd, 2009


Yes, the title is completely sarcastic. yet it looks like it is news worth of Techcrunch. news they give surprised as if somehow Widgets were doing bad just because they don’t dominate the Tech News lately while everyone is Twitter Dazzled.

“Widgets were all the rage last year. And the trend seems to be growing. Widgetbox, a widget creation and distribution platform, is reporting 500 million impressions worldwide in the past month, according to Quantcast”

A Dazzle that even Widgetbox jumped on full force recently as Derek covered. but the most interesting thing from the Techcrunch post is the unique numbers on the Widget Space from Comscore and what they show:


So Widgetbox diversification in promotions and deals has done good for it since it still bigger than 5 other big Widget Providers and Makers detailed in the list. the clear winner is Clearspring thanks to the AddThis acquisition as they got Gigya beat. but even then Gigya is still massive. the only omission in this list is musestorm. i wonder how they are doing and where in the list they would be.

Widgetizing The Web: Widgetbox Hits 500 Million Impressions A Month

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