Polldaddy at the top, now getting into ratings

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A year ago, Polldaddy widgets were already a big deal and that is why they got acquired by Automattic. Now they look to be at the top of the game when it comes to Polls and Widget Polls:

PollDaddy has just released some of its latest stats, and they don’t fail to impress: the company is now serving 430 million poll impressions per month, with a reach of over 74 million people worldwide, giving it a Quantcast rank equivalent as the 22nd most visited online service in the world.

I do have to admit that before Polldaddy came to be all the way back in  2006. Poll widgets were boring and not really well done since they were kinda ugly and not asynchronous (caused extra page loads)

So i think it is well deserved for them to be at the top spot. enough for them to be going into JS-KIT territory with Rating Widgets. that will be a interesting thing to see since according to Techcrunch they even plan to integrate that data to their Polldaddy Answers site. Something that could also mean a new kind of sub-site can emerge from that too. Techcrunch talks about a Digg competitor but i don’t see how they could manage a social news site or how Matt would want that. If he were to enter that space i think it would be more logical for him to build a social blog directory for WordPress powered blogs first since social news site are very tricky to manage. I am seeing them more probable to step into RateItAll territory with consumer review ratings. so maybe it is time for Lawrence Coburn to keep alert on that possibility.


via Techcrunch

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