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Because the race to grow and grow of Facebook cannot sustain of the site itself anymore, now you can get proper Facebook widgets. but don’t get too excited because it don’t mean great widgets of your personal account or great widgets of your content in Facebook to share in your blog.

It is all about Fan Pages converting into Widgets as Fan Boxes for blogs as Facebook states in the general details of the widget:

As a Facebook Page owner, you can implement the Fan Box widget on your own website to gain more fans and share your Facebook updates. Implementing requires pasting just 4 lines of code.

The widget currently has 3 components: “Button”, “Stream” (optional), and “Fans List” (optional). The widget can fit in a space as small as 200 x 64 (just the “button”) or offer a richer experience including recent posts and other fans at a full 600 x 544 pixels (width adjustable from 200 – 600 pixels).


So this means that it is for the brands, personalities and celebrities in Facebook to better market and target connect with you. This way if you stumble with Fan Box in the website of your favorite band, celebrity or brand and you are not already following them in Facebook. you can add yourself as a fan directly in the Fan Box Widget thanks to Facebook Connect. So next time you are in Facebook, the updates from that fan page will start reaching you.


All around a sound idea but i think that the widgets could be more flexible when it comes to customization because right now they look out of place most of the time like the photo examples above clearly show. Now if they started making widgets regular users could use to share what is in facebook beyond it. That would be truly useful.

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