Verizon FIOS’s Widget Bazaar Now Out

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Verizon gets into everything, don’t they?. The last being their own TV Widgets offering called Widget Bazaar. This is a supplemental service for Verizon FIOS users and you will start with 40 widgets that include the obvious social ones  like Twitter and Facebook or even online media content from, veoh and dailymotion.


There are several limitations:

1.-Only one user profile can be used (multi-profile support to come)

2.-No Widget Platform planned at the moment, Verizon will provide whatever widgets they think you should get. no schedule specified for updates.

3.-No YouTube and No Hulu of course

The other limitation is that unlike Vizio, the widgets are read only since you don’t have a proper remote to interact with the widgets in a full way. this could or could not change in the future based on the success of the Widget Bazaar. but expect having to pay a fee to change of Remote if the option is added.


A good supplemental service for those already lucky you to be able to have FIOS’s (unlike me, that my triple play service sucks compared to that)  and that you can ask or active now.


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  1. VZ is Garbage says:

    Firstly Verizon is the most evil teleco i have ever encountered that only spews BS lies and thrives on ppl being ignorant/uninformed. They make ppl think that just because fiber is in the house that means its better == BS. Modern cable infrastructure is mostly fiber, they only use coax from the pole/switchbox to ur house, that saves them and u money on running fiber into the premises which wouldnt add any benefits to the enduser or the cable company. Modern embedded signal processors are now fast enough to transmit data over copper as fast as most fiber implementations. The only advantage fiber has in this situation is that the cable can be longer without needing a repeater to boost the signal(less attenuation). which in the case of cable infrastructure is usually meaningless. So wats left, speed, price, and stability of the service. Since both infrastructures are mostly fiber, the stability is the same, and the speed/price are much much better from optimum. Verizon loves raping their customers. Both TV services offer the same quality HD service so that claim vz makes thats its the best quality, is yet again another lie. So in comparison of FIOS and OOL, only a retard picks FIOS if OOL is an available option.
    I also wanna mention how badely their wireless services are. They use oldschool cdma2000 technology, that in no way is able compete with the speed, quality, and availablity of gsm/umts/hsdpa. For some reason ppl think verizon has the best service, and I think that is due to BS advertisements, and retards trying to justify their expensive crappy phones/service. Also the phones they use are exclusive to them(totalcrap) or are manufacturer modified gsm phones made to work with cdma which are released months after the gsm versions hit the market. The latter are made poorly made cuz they use crappy cdma chips that are bigger and use more power which stresses the original(gsm) design of those phones resulting in inferior overall quality compared to their gsm counterparts.
    P.S. the security on the VZWireless network is a joke, a 10yr old with some skills can evesdrop on and/or hijack any phonecalls u make.
    P.P.S evesdropping/hijacking is also possible on gsm but is harder to achieve. Shh 😉

    F U VZ, You Dirty SCUMBAGS

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