Opera Portal: A Start Page Alternative

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Sure, there is Netvibes, iGoogle, My.Yahoo, My/AOL, Live Home, but what about Opera Portal?.

If you are surprised by its existence, don’t feel bad about it. I doubt most Opera Browser users know of it either.  So maybe you want to try a new Startpage (yes, the two words as one) or maybe you are a Opera Browser user and want to consolidate your time more with Opera offerings. Whatever the reason it may be. You should know that such a option exists for you.


Opera Portal is like a Mix of Netvibes with a bit of My.Yahoo. That is the best way i could describe it. You can customize its color, the position of the widgets and it counts with all the basic widget offerings any Startpage should have. That about it. It comes down to taste and brand if you want to use it.  That said given that Opera is actually good with widgets.  It would be a good opportunity to let users have Opera Widgets of the quality they can enjoy in the browser also in a Startpage. But that is something Opera must be still thinking through.

Opera Portal

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