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Google truly surprises me with their widget/gadget strategy that seems to encompass everything.

The last big thing was of course Google Web Elements. Not really a new-new thing, just a big update to what before was limited and known as Google Gadgets for Web.

Then they quickly finally added the final touches and retouches to the whole shareable, collaborative aspect of iGoogle and its Gadgets.  Something that actually started over a year ago.

Now they are announcing it with the benefit of finally not only have ended the work on that front but also with the added plus of a lot of third party iGoogle Gadgets making use of this.


What is truly different is that they now got Google Friend Connect so they are now also going to be doing a activity based friend update stream just like in Facebook and Windows Live but directly connected to the iGoogle Gadgets. This change is a clear sign of Google wanting a share of the pie of what Facebook and Windows Live does while doing it in their own way. the result is admirable and well executed. but considering it was over a year in the making and based on a foundation that got several years already in place. It had to be. I think it maybe time for a new not so quick look to Google and its Gadget Strategy.

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