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iDon’t run widgets.

October 19th, 2009


Google’s Android will definitely make a huge splash in the coming months, there is no doubt.
android code


Verizon takes a shot at Apple and the iPhone with this new marketing campaign.

Jenson Button and F1 widgets

October 19th, 2009

Jenson Button wins Formula One world title!

Get the Jenson Button news widget on Netvibes, iGoogle, Apple, Opera, Vista and Windows Live.

Jenson Button /netvibes

Awesome collection of MAC F1 widgets can be found at


F1 race countdown from Widgipedia


F1 widgets at


Aliens vs Predator

October 17th, 2009

code for trailer

send and receive Tweets with live Twitter sidebar

October 16th, 2009

sumtn-logo-claim has released an embeddable widget that allows your readers to send and receive Tweets in real time right from your blog.

SumtnSumtn brings Twitter-conversation directly onto websites – for everyone – on every page!

sumtnsumtn_widget icon

The widget appears as a small icon that displays the number of Tweets with a smaller “re-tweet” button underneath. The button is small enough that it won’t eat up much space on your site…but powerful enough that I’m sure you’ll benefit from it!

When you click the button the sidebar slides in from the right hand side of your browser and will allow you to login and Tweet right from the page.


This is a great way to both have your readers stay onsite and retweet your content.

for those of you curious…here is what the code for the widget looks like.


Bookmarklet: also has a bookmarklet that lets you take the sidebar with you wherever you go on the internet. Just drag the bookmarklet onto your bookmark toolbar and you are good to go!

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