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Happy New Year from Widgetslab

December 31st, 2009

Here are a few New Years inspired widgets.
New Years Widget by Widgia

Grab Code:

Grab Code:

Grab the Live Webcast from Times Square

Grab Code:

For different sizes Go To:

I can’t believe I am adding this but…here goes.

Waterford Clink-Clink App (for iPhone)

Download from the iTunes App Store:

Widgetslab wishes everyone a very prosperous, healthy and Happy New Year!

All Facebook Widgets

December 31st, 2009

We gathered all Facebook widgets into one place to make your Facebook widget search easier.

Facebook Official Widgets

Personal Profile Widgets:

Profile Badge: Share your Facebook information on other websites. Three display configurations and 15 information choices.

Photo Badge: Share your Facebook photos on other websites. Three display configurations. Share up to 8 photos.

Fan Badge: Show off your favorite Pages on your website or blog. No display configuration. Only shows one page that you are a fan of.
Website or Business Widgets:

Share: Let visitors to your site share your content on Facebook. Button or link style. With or without a counter. Custom linking options.

Fan Box: Allow users to become your fan and view your Facebook Page stream. Choose whether to display your fans and your Facebook stream. (Currently in widgetslab sidebar)

Page Badge: Share your Facebook Page information on other websites. Three display configurations and options to share Name, Status, Profile Picture and Fans.

Twitter Link: Automatically post your Facebook status updates to Twitter. Status Updates, Photos, Links, Notes and Events can be shared or unshared.
Developer Widgets:

Publishing to Facebook: Let users publish their actions and content back to Facebook. Custom image options available.

Comments Box: Allow users to easily comment on your content. No real options.

Live Stream: Allow Facebook users to connect, share and post updates in real-time. No real options.

Google Gadgets for Facebook

Facebook – Now with Full-Screen viewing
Also from

Fully-Featured Facebook Gadget: your essential miniaturized facebook connection. View your news feed, inbox, photos and stay all connected to all your facebook friends directly from your iGoogle page or your web site, all in this convenient gadget. Now with convenient canvas view you can maximize the gadget to gain access to the full facebook site; just click on the maximize button in the upper right hand corner.


myFacebook Chat!: Simply allows you to add the Facebook Chat window to your web site or blog. Probably works on igoogle pages as well. Warning…this removes chat from your Facebook page while you are viewing it.
Facebook iPhone Edition Google Gadget

iPhone Edition Google Gadget for your web site.

Miscellaneous Widgets

VentureBeat Profiles widget for Facebook

This is a company profile that indicates things like Location, number of employees, financials etc. There is even a current news feature that updates. This is a great addition to any post about Facebook.

Grab the basic code.

Go to VentureBeat Profiles for full widget customization options.
the Social Blog Badge from Mighty Widgets
This widget allows you to create links to many of your social pages. Facebook is not alone here!

Yahoo! Desktop Widgets (need Yahoo! Widgets install)

Facebook(er) Yahoo! widget

Get Faecbook(er) widget
Facebook Notifier Yahoo! Widget

Get Facebook Notifier widget
Mac Dashboard Widgets (requires Mac OS X and Dashboard)

Facebook Alert for Mac OS X Dashboard

Get Facebook Alert for Mac OS X Dashboard
Facebook Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X Dashboard

Get Facebook Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X Dashboard
Facebook Watch for Mac OS X Dashboard

Get Facebook Watch for Mac OS X Dashboard
Facebook Widget 0.5 for Mac OS X Dashboard

Get Facebook Widget 0.5 for Mac OS X Dashboard
Windows Sidebar/Live Gadgets

Facebook Explorer for Windows Gadgets

Get Facebook Explorer for Windows Gadgets
Facebook3 Windows Live Gadget

Get Facebook3 Windows Live Gadget or here Facebook Sidebar
Facebook Sidebar Gadget

Fast and easily change your status. See all notifications sent to you.
Hassle free login, simply login to the gadget once and keep yourself logged in all the time!

Simply click the links within the gadget to open up the notification in your browser!

Get Facebook Sidebar Gadget or here Windows Live Facebook sidebar Gadget
My Facebook Gadget

Get My Facebook Gadget
Google Desktop Gadgets

Facebook Gadget

Get Facebook Gadget
Facebook Friends Gadget

Get Facebook Friends Gadget
Slideshow for Facebook

Shows random photos from your friends on Facebook

Get Slideshow for Facebook
As you can see, there are many Facebook Widgets, Gadgets and more. There are even Facebook desktop apps which I considered adding here. I decided to draw the line at Desktop Widgets/Gadgets.
If you know of any that are missing…please comment so I can add them to the list.
Thank You. Sharebar

December 30th, 2009 is a service that makes it very easy for bloggers and website owners to add all-in-one social functionality to their pages. AddThis provides a great widget that allows your readers to easily share your content across their favorite social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Orkut and many, many more. 223 services to be exact!
AddThis was founded in 2006 and is currently viewed more than 30 Billion times a month. Clearspring Technologies acquired AddThis in 2008 and continues to improve the service.

AddThis labs introduces Sharebar

Sharebar is an unobtrusive bar that appears at the bottom of the browser and allows your visitors to share your website content with all of their social contacts throughout the world. The Sharebar makes it so your readers don’t have to look for your creative sharing options. All the sharing options are located in one easy, convenient location. This frees up precious space on your website for more content or widgets or whatever.

Sharebar is still a beta as it was only released on December 17th 2009.

Sharebar is an AddThis Labs experiment, so please note that we cannot provide the same level of support for this feature as we do for the AddThis menu and other interfaces.

I have started seeing the AddThis Sharebar on a few sites. There is a forum where AddThis encourages you to share your experiences with Sharebar. (AddThis employee) (AddThis employee)

With the sheer number of posts on the forum since Dec 17th (13 days ago) I can see that Sharebar will be quite successful.

Get Sharebar at

Sharebar is also available as Google Chrome extension.

We’ve released an AddThis Google Chrome Extension which uses Sharebar. As you will see it does not look like Sharebar (it’s not even a bar), but it uses the same code with a different layout option. Google Chrome only supports extensions in the Windows beta, Mac support should be coming any day.

…and as a browser bookmarklet.

If you want to try Sharebar on your site without adding any code use the Sharebar Bookmarklet: Sharebar.
Drag that to your bookmark bar and you can use Sharebar on any site.

LiveIntent –Twitter follow suggest

December 28th, 2009

LiveIntent (beta–Invite only) offers a widget that allows you to add Twitter users with a suggestion to follow them. Lets say you have 5 editors on your blog. You can add them to the LiveIntent widget as suggestions to follow on Twitter. You could add anyone that you think is worthwhile to follow.

The widget:
At this point, the widget appears as a small “Share This” chic-let style embed that, when you mouseover it, a box appears that displays your suggested Twitter users. The LiveIntent widget is currently using JavaScript.

LiveIntent is focused on “Making social media connections that matter”.
The actual scope of LiveIntent is rather fuzzy. There is a LiveIntent blog post that indicates the direction of the company.

One of the things that we discuss a lot here at LiveIntent is, appropriately, intent. Consumer intent. Advertiser intent. Publisher intent. Even our intent! The real-time web is all about intentions and our goal is to digest and learn from these intentions. Our theory is that the more alignment of intent that we can create, the higher the utility that we provide.
…Technological innovation has long been fueled by advertising dollars and if social media is going to continue it’s explosive growth, it too will require a sustainable advertising model. At LiveIntent, we hope that we can create this model by providing meaningful, targeted, intent-aligned connections on social media.

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