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December 22nd, 2009 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply » offers a fully customizable widget for displaying any RSS feed. You can create a title for your widget and customize all the colors of the widget using a slick color chooser or inputting the color hex code of your choice. This makes it easy to blend the widget into your site so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Why use it?
Having an RSS widget on your site is an easy way to add engaging content to your page. Most likely this content will come from sources that enhance what you write about on your site. This offers your readers more information at no real cost to you.

Suggestions for the cyclur widget:

    Add a simple sizing option for the width of the widget. (I’m sure the code can be edited. But most people don’t want to mess with the code.)
    Make it so the RSS links in the widget open in a new tab/window. (Make it another option possibly.)
    Perhaps allow the use of multiple RSS feeds. (or direct users on how to create an RSS feed from multiple RSS sources.)

What Cyclur says:

If you need to find an effective way to implement information feeds onto your website then Cyclur is the way to get effective results. Cyclur is a free widget that allows users to customize and display RSS feeds on their site within minutes. It can display information from any RSS feed, allowing users to utilize multiple news feeds with a simple widget. It is also heavily customizable and easy to use. It is as simple as collecting the URL’s of desired RSS feeds, adjusting font colors, and copy and pasting provided code. Delivering fresh and consolidate content is a click away, get your Cyclur widget at

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