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LiveIntent (beta–Invite only) offers a widget that allows you to add Twitter users with a suggestion to follow them. Lets say you have 5 editors on your blog. You can add them to the LiveIntent widget as suggestions to follow on Twitter. You could add anyone that you think is worthwhile to follow.

The widget:
At this point, the widget appears as a small “Share This” chic-let style embed that, when you mouseover it, a box appears that displays your suggested Twitter users. The LiveIntent widget is currently using JavaScript.

LiveIntent is focused on “Making social media connections that matter”.
The actual scope of LiveIntent is rather fuzzy. There is a LiveIntent blog post that indicates the direction of the company.

One of the things that we discuss a lot here at LiveIntent is, appropriately, intent. Consumer intent. Advertiser intent. Publisher intent. Even our intent! The real-time web is all about intentions and our goal is to digest and learn from these intentions. Our theory is that the more alignment of intent that we can create, the higher the utility that we provide.
…Technological innovation has long been fueled by advertising dollars and if social media is going to continue it’s explosive growth, it too will require a sustainable advertising model. At LiveIntent, we hope that we can create this model by providing meaningful, targeted, intent-aligned connections on social media.

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