December 30th, 2009 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply » is a service that makes it very easy for bloggers and website owners to add all-in-one social functionality to their pages. AddThis provides a great widget that allows your readers to easily share your content across their favorite social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Orkut and many, many more. 223 services to be exact!
AddThis was founded in 2006 and is currently viewed more than 30 Billion times a month. Clearspring Technologies acquired AddThis in 2008 and continues to improve the service.

AddThis labs introduces Sharebar

Sharebar is an unobtrusive bar that appears at the bottom of the browser and allows your visitors to share your website content with all of their social contacts throughout the world. The Sharebar makes it so your readers don’t have to look for your creative sharing options. All the sharing options are located in one easy, convenient location. This frees up precious space on your website for more content or widgets or whatever.

Sharebar is still a beta as it was only released on December 17th 2009.

Sharebar is an AddThis Labs experiment, so please note that we cannot provide the same level of support for this feature as we do for the AddThis menu and other interfaces.

I have started seeing the AddThis Sharebar on a few sites. There is a forum where AddThis encourages you to share your experiences with Sharebar. (AddThis employee) (AddThis employee)

With the sheer number of posts on the forum since Dec 17th (13 days ago) I can see that Sharebar will be quite successful.

Get Sharebar at

Sharebar is also available as Google Chrome extension.

We’ve released an AddThis Google Chrome Extension which uses Sharebar. As you will see it does not look like Sharebar (it’s not even a bar), but it uses the same code with a different layout option. Google Chrome only supports extensions in the Windows beta, Mac support should be coming any day.

…and as a browser bookmarklet.

If you want to try Sharebar on your site without adding any code use the Sharebar Bookmarklet: Sharebar.
Drag that to your bookmark bar and you can use Sharebar on any site.


  1. Jim Lane says:

    Thanks for writing about the AddThis Sharebar, please let us know if you have any questions. Like Jeff, I am also an AddThis employee – I head up User Experience for Clearspring and AddThis.



  2. Hooman says:

    Awesome post. Many thanks man. Hope all is well. Have a happy new year!

    p.s. Install the sharebar! Would love to know what you think!!! 🙂

  3. Ming says:

    Is there a way to customize the search engine? Would love to be able to point it to Google CSE for example.

  4. I’m glad to see you guys putting out these cool apps/widgets.
    I’ll see if I can put it on and see how well it works!

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