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New Samsung Mobile Widget SDK 1.1.0 release

January 30th, 2010

This comes from the innovator Samsung mobile website.…

The Samsung Mobile Widget SDK helps you develop widgets for Samsung mobile devices running the TouchWiz™ user interface. The toolkit includes the emulation environment, debug tools. Documentation and sample applications are available from Samsung Mobile Innovator site. This SDK allows developers to develop state of the art mobile widgets.

The Update from the previous SDK:

– ACCESS NetFront browser is now emulated

– Right-click (Context) menu

* Allows user to create add device, create package, update package

– Seamless integration with seller site

– New Widgets Menu

– Improvements to widget-building routines

– Relaxed Java dependencies

– Proxy support

– Loaded new devices

– Transparent backgrounds

– New fields in XML files

With its new and updated features, the latest version of the Samsung SDK enables
developer to improve development productivity. To explore many more features download the new Samsung Widget SDK.

Clearspring will stop new widget creation on Feb 1st 2010

January 30th, 2010

This showed up in my inbox yesterday and I thought I should share it with my handful of readers.

IMPORTANT: The ability to create new Launchpad widgets will be turned off on February 1st, 2010.


As part of the ongoing process to sunset the Launchpad platform, the ability to create new widgets will be turned off on February 1st, 2010. As a reminder, here are the upcoming dates associated with this process:

* Feb. 1st, 2010: New widget creation will be disabled.
* April 5th, 2010: Launchpad console will be turned off, however existing widget installations will continue to be served.
* January 1st, 2011: Widget serving will be shut off.

We are committed to working with you to make your transition process as smooth as possible, and have created a number of documents to help.


* Transition Overview
* What You Need to Know
* Questions and Answers
* Launchpad Transition Support Forum
* Launchpad & AddThis Platform Comparison
* More Information about the AddThis sharing platform

Going forward, we hope that you’ll use AddThis for your widget sharing. We think you will find AddThis to be an easy, powerful and fast.

If you have any questions, please visit the Support Forum above for assistance. Thank you for your continued partnership and use of Clearspring products.

Hooman Radfar
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Clearspring Technologies

I see this as a good thing. Clearspring is consolidating their product line which will allow them to focus more on their core offerings. AddThis is immensely popular (sharing over 30 billion a month) and adds far more flexibility and options to widget developers.
The transition will be smooth. As outlined in the section above, just about anything you can do with Launchpad, you will be able to accomplish with AddThis.

Congratulations to Hooman and his team for creating such a successful product!

Decorate your website with Avatar

January 27th, 2010

Avatar, the highest box office grossing movie of all time, is no doubt very popular. No expense has been spared in promoting this highly entertaining movie. With that said, why not add some Avatar flavor to your website with some easy to add widgets?

from BBC news:

Towards the end of the last decade, James Cameron’s epic Titanic became the most successful movie ever with global takings of $1.843bn (£1.14bn).

But that record no longer stands thanks to Avatar – also directed by Cameron – which this week stole its crown as the all-time global box office champ, with receipts of $1.859bn (£1.15bn).

Avatar Posters for your site. (save and upload)

97 Avatar trailers and 10 clips from Trailer Addict.

Avatar details from Flixster.

Wowzio movie widgets.

This Wowozio widget displays the latest buzz around current movies.

Go all out and use this FREE WordPress Avatar theme.

Millions of songs on your website

January 25th, 2010

Medianet ( offers website owners an easy way to add music content to their pages with many different widgets. Medianet calls them “Web Components”.

Song of the Day

The Song of the Day widget allows your readers to experience a different song each day. They have the ability to listen and purchase music without having to leave your site. (JavaScript)

Most of Medianet’s “Web Components” are geared towards websites with musical content. The widgets have the ability to deliver music that is directly related to the content on your site.
I would assume that if you were to write a post about Rage Against The Machine, the “Web Components” would then deliver Rage Against The Machine music and possibly music related to that group.

Media Charts

Relevant Media Search

Media Explorer

There are seven “Web Components” available from Medianet. Some simply create links in your content to a JavaScript page that provides more information about the selected artist. Other widgets provide detailed stories about an artist with links to purchase their music.

MediaNet’s Web Components provide the simple, quickest and easiest way to add engaging digital content to your website. Take advantage of MediaNet’s trusted MN Open technology platform, a library of 7 million songs and music videos and a feature-rich set of components to keep your users on your site.

With MediaNet’s Web Components, all you have to do to is choose your configuration and then copy and paste small code snippets, without any coding experience, to dynamically display music content wherever you put them on your site.

Check out Medianet. They offer far more musical solutions than I can cover in this post.

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