Have you heard of the Walmart Ice Cream widget?

January 22nd, 2010 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

Walmart has an Ice Cream Social widget that allows you to plan an entire party geared towards an Ice Cream Social.

You’re probably thinking “Who cares…its cold outside!” and that’s true. However, it won’t always be cold and an ice cream social can be a fun time.

The widget:

This widget offers far more functionality and usefulness than the average widget. You can search for creative, ice cream related recipes…and print them in recipe card sizes or even full page format.

Create an invitation for your guests via evite.com and start this process right in the widget.

You can see a weather forecast based on your zip code. Knowing what the weather is going to be like can make or break a party.

There is even a shopping list feature where you can create and print out your shopping requirements for the party.

The shopping list feature also offers the ability to email or SMS text a list to guests telling them to bring something to share. (Only 160 characters permitted)

Where can I put this widget? Just about anywhere…here’s the list.

This is really a feature rich widget. I would like to see more brands offer functionality such as this.

Get the Walmart Ice Cream Social widget. from gigya.

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