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auto updating Buzz stat widget from

March 31st, 2010

If you are into Google Buzz… offers a cool Buzz badge that displays your current followers. The badge also acts as a link to the Buzz-Stats user page associated with your badge. Here people can see stats about your Buzz activity and they can also follow you.

Google Buzz Team has 7379 followers on Google Buzz

There is also a graph of sorts provided. I believe it only displays the number of followers you have on any given day. Not much change happens on this graph.

Here is the Buzz-Stats page where you can create your own Buzz-Stats badge.

rebuzzthis buttons and the rebuzzthis meme

March 31st, 2010 gives blog writers a simple solution to adding some Google Buzz functionality to their posts. In the process, the rebuzzed posts also get added to the rebuzzthis meme located a claims that in the 25 or so days that they have been in operation, 800,000 rebuzzthis buttons have been served. (this metric comes from the rebuzzthis advertising page)

Advertise on RebuzzThis

RebuzzThis is a brand new service that allows webmasters to create Google Buzz buttons that they can easily paste on their site. Every time a link/page is shared, it is added and counted on the front page.

Ads are 125×125 and are placed in the right sidebar. Right now, ads are running for $20.00/month and long term contracts can be made with discounts. As of right now, traffic details aren’t too detailed since we just launched on March 05, but we can say that since launch, ~800,000 buttons have been served.

To inquiry about an ad opening or just have a question, send us an email at ([email protected]) or through the form below:

They do offer some attractive “rebuzz” buttons and the button setup is dead simple.

    1. pick your button style
    2. choose your platform (WordPress, Blogger or straight HTML)
    3. Copy your code (only works for HTML and somewhat for Blogger. WordPress requires a plugin to be installed)

The rebuzzthis button at the top of this post is real…give it a try! (you need to be signed into Google for it to work)

Check out all the rebuzzthis buttons here:

Networkedblogs uses Facebook to create blog social network

March 30th, 2010 is a blog writers social network that leverages Facebook and the Facebook app engine to create a MyBlogLog or BlogCatalog style network.

The similarities in the widget extend to Google Friend Connect and the Facebook Fan widget. is an extension of the NetworkedBlogs Facebook Application to make our user-generated blog directory accessible outside Facebook and provide more exposure to our blogs.

This web site is still in it’s early stages. And, currently, it only provides a subset of the information that we offer inside Facebook. With time, we plan to add more features and more information.

A Facebook account is required to participate in the Networkedblogs network. You will need to utilize a Facebook app ( in order to join. At that point, you can grab the widget and embed it into your blog.

This is a JavaScript widget and it displays what appears to be Facebook profile images.

Check out

Where kids eat for free

March 30th, 2010 has a widget that you can place on your site to show where parents can get a deal on kids meals.

The widget automatically detects your location (ip based location) and provides a list of the restaurants in your area where kids can eat for FREE!

As you can see in the code, the widget uses Iframe tech and is limited in the ability to modify.

You may be able to tweak the size of the widget to fit your sidebar better. But I am pretty sure that this will break the images used in the top and bottom of this widget.

Grab the Kids Eat Free widget here:

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