Networkedblogs uses Facebook to create blog social network

March 30th, 2010 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply » is a blog writers social network that leverages Facebook and the Facebook app engine to create a MyBlogLog or BlogCatalog style network.

The similarities in the widget extend to Google Friend Connect and the Facebook Fan widget. is an extension of the NetworkedBlogs Facebook Application to make our user-generated blog directory accessible outside Facebook and provide more exposure to our blogs.

This web site is still in it’s early stages. And, currently, it only provides a subset of the information that we offer inside Facebook. With time, we plan to add more features and more information.

A Facebook account is required to participate in the Networkedblogs network. You will need to utilize a Facebook app ( in order to join. At that point, you can grab the widget and embed it into your blog.

This is a JavaScript widget and it displays what appears to be Facebook profile images.

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