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April 13th, 2010 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

Today Google announced the official Google Buzz Buttons for your website. This is great! Because up until now, all Buzz buttons were tied directly into your Google Reader account.

We’ve seen lots of people using Google Buzz to share interesting links from around the web. To do so, you had to copy and paste the link from one browser window to another — there weren’t buttons that made it easy to post to Google Buzz without leaving the site you’re on. Savvy sites like Mashable and TechCrunch quickly got creative and implemented their own Buzz buttons, using Google Reader as the backend. But not every site owner should have to hack together their own version of these buttons (and not everyone who uses Buzz also uses Reader), so this morning we’re making copy-and-paste Buzz buttons available for anyone to use.

Well…here they are…in their entirety.

I really think its great that there is now a “Follow Me” Buzz button. I know there have been others…but there is nothing like an “Official” widget to set things right!

You can get your Official Google Buzz Buttons at:

You can read the entire Google Buzz Button post at the Gmail Blog:

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