Facebook Activity Feed widget spawns Likebutton.me

April 25th, 2010 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

LikeButton.me sprouted up almost instantly after Facebook announced their bevy of new ‘social plugins’ last week.

Venturebeat explains:

LikeButton.me takes Facebook’s activity feed plug-in, which shows what your friends “like” on other pages, copies it several times while referencing different destinations like YouTube, The Huffington Post and CNN and puts them all in one place.

The combined effect is to show you what friends are liking on sites across the web on sites like MTV and Pandora. It’s a completely different interface for understanding what’s happening in your social network; instead of seeing status updates and photos, you’re seeing content that friends are enjoying on other sites.

Activity Feed allows you to create a widget (iframe) that you can put on your website that allows your readers to see which of their friends are liking similar content.

Essentially this:
I show up on your tech.com website, I see your ‘Likebutton.me’ widget and notice that two or three of my Facebook friends have been here and liked your content as well. Now I know I can engage them in conversation about your website and further share content from your site as I see fit.

Here are a couple of Live ‘Likebutton.me’ widgets from various sites.

VentureBeat Gizmodo
ReadWriteWeb GigaOm

Thanks to Venturebeat for the code above.

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