Google’s mobile search delivers apps from Android Market

June 3rd, 2010 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

I am really surprised that it has taken this long. Google is Search and what better results for mobile searches about Android Apps than actual app listings in the market?

Google’s mobile search now finds market apps

Yet another wonderful innovation from Google! We all know and love that little Google search widget on our home screens. Well, Google has stepped up what it can do to make your life easier. Simply type in the name of an application or game you are looking for and viola, there it is! With a quick glance you can see the price, rating, publisher plus a link that directs you into the market for download. It makes searching out those applications a lot easier. It appears it currently will only search out apps that are relevant and well-rated. It’s a great step in the right direction.

Only issue I have run into personally is a very simple one. I use many different browsers on my phone. I am currently using Dolphin HD and my settings for user agent are for desktop view. This of course doesn’t return the same results as if set to Android or mobile. My suggestion would be anytime you use the search feature select the phones stock browser to return the results more effectively.

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