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Envolve is socializing your visitors in a way that is currently being ignored by the big social names. Envolve provides an embeddable, small form factor, website toolbar that allows visitors on your site to chat with one another.

This is a great way to allow visitors to engage one another about the content on your site. With the impressive list of options Envolve has… auto translate to 50 languages, direct links to Google maps to see where other participants are from and much more, Envolve will be hard to beat!

Envolve goes far beyond the standard website chat widgets available elsewhere.

Envolve makes the web truly social by providing Facebook-style chat for any website.

Websites are lonely places.

Envolve, a bootstrapped startup in Silicon Valley, is aiming to fix this by providing a rich JavaScript chat widget that looks similar to Facebook chat. Envolve’s vision is to turn every web page into a thriving convention hall where you can chat with other visitors about the site’s content.

Envolve believes there is still a vast amount of untapped social potential on the web. They aim to access that potential by facilitating meaningful conversations between people who, being on the same domain, almost certainly share a common interest. Over 1,000 sites already use Envolve — from niche bloggers to hobby fan sites to well known tech brands like StartupWeekend.org.

Envolve provides a rich set of functionality that allows visitors to:

· Start topical chats. Envolve lets you start or join a specific chat topic, this improves the signal-to-noise ratio.

· Have private chats. If you don’t want the world to see or join, you can keep chats private.

· Take chats anywhere. Browse from page-to-page and chats come with you, just like Facebook.

· Talk to anyone in the world. Through the innovative use of a translation API, Envolve does on-the-fly chat translation into over 50 languages.

· Share with friends. Each chat has its own short URL. You can share chats via Facebook, Twitter, and Email with these links.

Installing the Envolve widget requires pasting two lines of code into your site; Envolve also offers a WordPress plugin. (available here)

Envolve plays in a similar space as other chat toolbars such as the Meebo Bar. However, whereas the Meebo Bar offers one-on-one chats with people in your social graph, Envolve offers group chats with people viewing the same website.

Envolve is founded by James Tamplin and Andrew Lee. Tamplin and Lee have been working together for over two years and previously created SendMeHome.com, a lost-and-found service, which sold to Canadian competitor TrackItBack in February this year.


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