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Now that you have your shiny new Android phone and you have tried out all the factory ringtones (and been somewhat disappointed) head on over to the Android Market and grab the FREE Zedge Ringtone Android app.

What does the app do?
This app allows you to preview, download and set ringtones from over 400,000 user generated tones. The best part is the ‘preview’ feature. You know exactly what your ringtone will sound like before you download it and set it.

The Zedge Android app allows you to search for ‘Exact Match’ ringtones or you can combine search terms with OR to include multiple search terms (example: R2D2 OR Darth Vader)

Once you have downloaded four, five or even 50 ringtones, you can exit the app and go through your phone and set your new ringtones for IM notifications, email notifications, text message sounders and even ringtones for individual contacts. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

Did I mention… there are nearly 20,000 wallpapers available to download as well?

Zedge users:
The Android Market shows >250,000 downloads of this app with 25,717 ratings. The app has 4.5 stars.

Zedge claims there are over 2 milliom users of the Zedge app

The app does access your personal information. This is simply to allow you to easily set ringtones right from the app if you desire.

My experience:
I have used this app ever since I first got my HTC Hero and i have never had a complaint or force close. it works great and its fast.
The only feature I would like to see is the ability to import ringtones after a system update (I flashed my ROM from 1.5 to 2.1)

Get the Zedge Android app:

Go to Android market and search for “zedge” or use ‘Barcode Scanner’ to scan the code below.

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