Smart Taskbar app for Android

August 28th, 2010 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

Get instant app access from anywhere in your phone

Smart Taskbar is an interesting Android app that gives you instant access to all your apps and tasks without having to leave your currently running task.
With a simple click on a small, semi transparent, half circle button located on the right side of your screen, the app is activated. A transparent window pops open that allows you access to all of your apps.

Smart Taskbar also allows you to select 5 ‘Quick Launch’ apps that appear at the top to give you instant access to some of your most used apps. You do have to do some secondary thinking here. Which apps do you find that you are in need of when you are currently using an app?

One thing I did notice, the Smart Taskbar button is even visible when you are in camera mode. This makes is so you can access other important information and only be one back arrow away from where you started.

Developer description:

Launch any application in 2 steps. Slide your finger or click icon anytime to bring up a mini sidebar for super fast app launching also works as app organizer and task switcher. The most revolutionary way to use your app.

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