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Find Android Phones at Google Phone Gallery

September 30th, 2010

Compare Android Phones easily

Google has decided that organizing and presenting an easy to use Android Phone catalog is a good thing. They have created Google Phone Gallery for your pleasure. Here you will be able to find all of the Android phones that come with Google services such as Android Market, Google Search, Gmail, Maps and YouTube.

Unfortunately, Android devices featuring Bing and Yahoo as their primary search services are currently excluded. This rivalry has resulted in an incomplete list of Android powered phones. (Android tablets are currently excluded)

The phone gallery lets you view technical specifications, features and will allow you to compare multiple devices side by side. You can search by manufacturer, carrier or by country. Google has also provided convenient links to purchase the devices from each carrier.

Samsung, HTC, Motorola and LG are currently the only manufacturers with phones in the gallery. Rest assured, Google will keep updating the database as handsets and countries come on board.

Google Phone Gallery

Best Android Call Blocker App

September 28th, 2010

Block calls from unwanted callers.

With the increase in mobile device usage and the decrease in landline use, telemarketers have started calling cell phones with increased intensity. If you have a plan with limited calling minutes, then you could be wasting those minutes on calls you don’t want. You will also be annoyed at the persistence of some telemarketers that just don’t get the hint that you don’t want their crap.

This is where a good call blocking app comes in handy. An app that will allow you to add numbers to a ‘Block Calls’ list that you can edit at any time. This app should also allow you to choose to ‘Send to Voicemail’ any incoming calls you choose.

Call Block Unlimited

Call Block Unlimited is a popular app that allows you to block calls from known spammers from a list that is updated daily. You can also block single contacts, numbers that show up as ‘private’, numbers from entire states(i.e. Mississippi), or whitelist all your contacts and call block everyone else.
This is a huge amount of control over which calls get through.

Get Call Block Unlimited

Call&SMS Filter

Call & SMS Filter allows you to create your own ‘Blacklist’ of numbers to block. This includes text messages from unwanted sources as well. The SMS filter is very important. Telemarketers and psycho ex’s need to be blocked too!

Get Call&SMS Filter

Mozilla Seabird 3D – video

September 23rd, 2010

WOW this looks cool!

Click off the YouTube 3D effect if you don’t have glasses.

Windows Mobile 6.5 versus Windows Phone 7 – video

September 23rd, 2010

View the differences between the two Windows mobile OSes

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